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From Student to Teacher

Growing up a lot of kids play school, where they get pencils and make their friends do “homework,” simple math problems. Well growing, up many people thought “hey I want to be a teacher,” but as you go into school and see how hard it may be many choose different career paths.   353 more words


Instructors Surf

During retreats our job as instructors is to make sure the Amigas get great waves, learn something new about surfing, and have an awesome time. Of course, there is a chance for us to get to catch a few waves as well. 47 more words


Play Groups are Fantastic!

Hello everyone, today I am excited to talk about the play groups which I take my son to. It’s exciting for me as well to take him as I have made few friends there :) It is inside a school, cost effective and amazing instructors! 181 more words


The Myth of the Impossible British Driving Exam

I AM GOING to bust open a London urban legend: Americans don’t automatically fail their driving exam the first time they take it.

I will admit this was a scaremongering myth even I perpetuated before I took my exam, as I had heard from American friends and colleagues countless horror stories of examiners failing people because they hesitated when backing around a corner (which feels so illegal for American drivers who had it beaten into us during driver’s ed courses to never ever do that), or because they hadn’t checked their mirrors every 45 seconds in a counterclockwise manner. 734 more words

Expat Life

Amira Holmes : from Amiga Guest to Amigas Instructor

During one of our El Salvador retreats this past year we met an awesome Amiga named Amira who lives in Panama and was raving about the great waves in her current hometown. 377 more words

Surf With Amigas

Spring 2015 Lessons - Week Two

Week two was just as exciting and fun as the first week! Instructors were eager to get back in the pool after the Mardi Gras break and the kids were amazing as per usual! 33 more words

13 Ways We're Celebrating 13 Years at Temple of Poi

Temple of Poi celebrates 13 years this month! We’re pretty excited about that here at headquarters but realized that 13 has a terrible reputation — did you know that the gallows traditionally has 13 steps leading up to it and… 406 more words