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A Linux-like shell on Windows

For better or worse, we do lots of text file manipulation in eDiscovery, like Jon’s one-line repeating content detector. A *nix-style shell is frequently the best tool for the job, having been born of a philosophy of many… 509 more words


How To: Change Your Oil

Step 1: Drain Your Oil –

Place the oil drain pan beneath the plug in your car’s oil pan. You should be able to locate a lone bolt called the drain plug. 201 more words


ICQs, not to be confused with CCQs, stand for Instruction Checking Questions and are an important skill to master for any teacher. The concept for ICQs is that once you have set up an activity, you check whether the students understand the instructions for what they have to do next. 344 more words


Lazy Framing

I ran across a few threads recently about not knowing what to do with their video game maps. Well obviously the short answer is frame them. 932 more words

Video Games

Mindful Sipping

A short 10-minute mindfulness exercise today:

  • Begin with three deep breaths in and out.
  • Prepare a mug or cup of your favorite beverage. Tea is a great choice, of course!
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Use Ice Cream to Help Young Athletes Learn the Shot Put Grip

Recently I was at a school coaching the basics of shot put to a class of seven year-olds.

I held up a plastic training shot to demonstrate the grip – shot sitting on the base of my fingers, three fingers behind the shot, little finger and thumb to either side. 75 more words


Be Found in Peace

Very powerfully, during the past two days the Lord kept speaking to me the phrase: Be Found in Peace. This was in response to my prayers asking Him about the times we are in. 1,847 more words