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"60 Minutes” was broadcast on March 1, 2015, sharing news about the supplier of Lumber Liquidators

Weil Quaranta, P.A. of Miami and Los Angeles and Babbitt and Johnson of West Palm Beach Florida have filed a federal class action suit against Lumber Liquidators for selling Chinese-made laminated wood floors containing dangerous levels of toxic formaldehyde. 140 more words


Find the right flooring for your basement

The right flooring for your basement

Any basement remodel or renovation needs to consider water damage

Renovating or remodeling your basement? Then you’ll need to consider water. 924 more words


Silent chiraw

A well described re-interpretation is present on the project page. Here I’ll discuss the iteration that happened while building that installation.

So as I started thinking of how to best represent that dance form I started thinking of what is a unique act in the whole dance form of “Bamboo dance” and undoubtedly it was the synchronous clashing of bamboos which creates that aura. 676 more words

The Harmonically Ecosystemic Machine; Sonic Space No. 7

The Harmonically Ecosystemic Machine – Sonic Space No. 7; is an interactive music performance system building on the combined work of the three contributing the artist/researcher’s, Michael Musick, Jonathan Forsyth, and Rachel Bittner. 86 more words

The "Sonic Spaces" Project

"Door Coils"

The installation was made at the old hat factory in Cleator in West Cumbria on an office door on a bitterly cold day in January 2015.Lengths of discarded foam were tightly coiled and adhered onto the door using over 300 drawing pins and left to dangle.The patterns are reminiscent of fossils or Catherine wheel fireworks.For several days after I had sore thumbs after pushing so many pins into the door.

Hat Factory

60 Minutes episode on Lumber Liquidators. What is Formaldehyde ???

60 Minutes episode on Lumber Liquidators, has left many people worried and concerned about the safety of their floors. You’re not alone in your quest to find out more answers! 359 more words


What You need to Know about humidity and laminate flooring

You might already know that water and laminate flooring don’t mix, but what about humidity and laminate flooring?

The wood materials in the laminate flooring expand and contract with moisture. 289 more words