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The Next Few Days

Within the next day of the injury, I booked an appointment with my general doctor, a specialized sports doctor, and my chiropractor. I’ve set up my schedule to see another set of chiropractors at CMCC as well so I could get a good initial diagnosis of what exactly happened. 1,033 more words


The "I" is the cause of its own instability

The entire journey of human beings can be summed up as “I” seeking stability. But the Truth is that the “I” is the very instability itself! 545 more words

Melting The Ignorance

Using Terrorism to Change the Narrative in Burundi

What happens when a coup is not successful? In Burundi, where President Nkurunziza remains in power after an attempt to remove him from power and prevent his pursuit of an unconstitutional third term, the coup is on the lips of many – but the President. 545 more words

Civil Unrest

Who to Blame


I walk off the pier

into a lake,

is this mental instability’s fault?



For those who took my happiness,

the pier drops and rises… 142 more words


Rumor Has It

Most people in Western liberal democracies can not begin to imagine the turmoil that a coup generates within a society. Let’s be frank: the tendency to hysteria when Congress stops funding to the rest of the government prompts citizens’ calls for impeachment of elected officials that were put in office through an extremely stable election process (that most citizens willingly don’t participate in). 686 more words

Civil Unrest

On Feb 3, 2015, the doctor removed several areas of adenocarcinoma. At that time, all was removed. Here I sit crying, an emotional disaster of sorts, letting my diagnosis received today sink in. 107 more words


personal journal. day1

I’m having a rough day today.
My insides are boiling and im quick with scathing remarks and poisonous barbs.
I’m having more and more attacks, panic and anxiety, and at the worst times. 96 more words