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Dealing with instability

In the past few weeks I have been dealing with issues associated with my chest.

Tension in the chest area, tightness, light pains.

And a couple of days ago I thought I should take the door off of my room in my house so that I do not close it anymore, and start letting things in. 165 more words

Style Rollback

Due to the issues and instability in the new style, I have decided to roll back the existing one for now, which worked flawlessly across all devices. 42 more words

TIV Calls On Politicians To Focus On The Economy Not Themselves

A mother who cooks at the Port Vila Market House shares her views on political instability

HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE have lost their jobs since cyclone Pam, thousands of people are still struggling to rebuild their livelihoods but their elected leaders have spent the last few weeks focusing on the political power struggle. 1,251 more words


18% Increase In Gratuity Payments Since 2002

SINCE 1980 VANUATU has had more Prime Ministers than the number of general elections, which means each 4 year term that a government has to deliver on its promises is, at times, unfortunately divided up into smaller periods where different coalitions can have their hands on the wheels. 915 more words


The Other Side of The Sign

I pass the sign and I do not understand.

I do this everyday.

I rub my daily commute deeper into the ground and along the way I fail to comprehend the sign. 1,056 more words


"Living with the Crazies"

They’re out there, the Crazies. You know the ones that send you round the bend, pull your chain, crank your motor. But hey! Cranking your engine could be fun…just saying…but…Personally, we are dealing with a few invisible ones ourselves. 455 more words

Cosmic Tidbits

Life is cruel

My housemate (since 2012) just told me she wants to move back home “because she’s over paying rent” and she wants to leave as soon as possible. 136 more words