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Post numero uno...

Oh what a bitter sweet symphony of emotions that life orchestrates for you. While it’s often beautiful, it can be overwhelming and unpredictable. It can carry you to the dizzying heights of happiness and then plunge you into the depths of crushing sadness and back again within a matter of seconds. 38 more words


Suppression : The Killer of ideas, dreams and ambitions

Hey everyone! Mark here bringing you another article. Thank you everyone for reading my first article, I’m very grateful to all those who read it. Today I’m writing about a thing that is actually happening in today’s world. 755 more words


Finding Emma - New Story

This story is written for the YA audience.

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been interested in psychology, phobias and mental disorders such as OCD. 175 more words

You Don't Have To Follow Your Dreams

It was my 24th birthday last month. In the 24 years I have been endowed with consciousness I have had many dreams of what I wanted to be. 812 more words



This morning as I was laying in bed drinking my tea and scrolling through instagram, I saw at least 3 posts that said something negative about Mondays and it came to my attention that this is not a healthy mindset to be in! 217 more words


Dreaming Soul

I’m not afraid to dream, hope, or aspire. No matter what happens in life, I am focused on what I believe because it adds meaning, joy, and happiness. 30 more words