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Imagine An Africa

Imagine an Africa quite different from this one

Not in shape, size of form but more like the flip side of a coin

Imagine an Africa that’s not a winner of geographic lottery, … 232 more words


What is the value of Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind and we keep accumulating things like mobile phones, cameras, DVDs, VCDs, iPod, cars, digital instruments just for the heck of it. 420 more words

Practical Advice


We had finally decided to meet that night. I knew he was not too fond of coffee but I also knew that he would be willing to take one for the team. 451 more words


Cancer Warrior Speech

I’m a warrior I have scars
I have broken memories
I have the mind of a wise man.
People don’t know what I am capable I am as a 17 year old so if you say I cannot do something I’m going to prove you wrong. 144 more words


Purpose And How To Find it.

As a 5 year old cancer patient I hardly knew what what going on. People telling me never give up, but being so young I really didn’t know what they were referring too. 276 more words


We are storytellers. Once again, with pride

What’s that well called?

There once was a well, in the middle of a field. It was known, quite unimaginatively, as the well in the field… 1,837 more words

Random Musings

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I read this awesome post by Nicholas Rossis and had to share! Not only is it highly informative but also tremendously touching towards the end. Read it, and feel proud you're an indie!


As I walked in the room my bare feet touched the warm hardwood floors, and I could hear the subtle sound of the cracking of the wood. 536 more words