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Is  life  really what  we  know  as  a  cycle  of  birth,  growth,  and  death ? well  science  says  so, but  it  depends  on us  how  we  interpret  it. 93 more words


A Day to Life Post- 92!

July is already here, cant believe 6 months of 2015 have already passed. There’s just a small poem that is running in my head and thought of sharing it with you all.. 144 more words


There's the eagle's world, and there is mine. Let's Fly.

As I watch the eagle rise above the bay, I let myself drift out beyond an edge, as though I were moving across the edge of sleep…I am filled with the same disdainful surge that releases him from his perch, feel the strain of air trapped in the hollows of his wings…The eagle sweeps away in great, lazy arcs, drifts against the corniced peaks, and soars up toward the smooth layer of cloud…At three thousand feet, the feathered sails flex and shake against a torrent of wind…I can feel the lash of gusts as the eagle planes above the mountain, gaze through his eyes at the fissured, snow-laden peak, and share the craving that draws him more deeply into the island’s loneliness…I have flown, however artificially, and have looked down over the island and the strait. 158 more words


Lightly child, lightly

I let it go.
It’s like swimming against the current.
It exhausts you.
After a while, whoever you are,
you just have to let go, 70 more words


Review Of Psychaotic By Mehreen Malik

Mehreen Malik rated it 5 of 5 stars

Psychaotic – a beautiful book that is not only a simple poetry book but it is a blend of a simultaneous heaviness and emptiness one feels in a certain phase of life.A phase that converts a person from very normal to more normal fighting the inner battles and standing tall in their love broken heart,living a hurricane of unexpressed emotions,becoming a tornado of highs and lows of physical existence and sentiments that is not accepted by the world because they label it as mentally unstable and psycho but those with fragile sensitivities see the psyche of being chaotic and they appreciate the survival of that more normal and this is all… 31 more words

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Separuh Perjalanan

Hari ini (2 Julai 2015) ialah hari ke-15 dalam bulan Ramadhan. Sudah separuh perjalanan kita dalam bulan puasa ini. Juga, bulan Julai juga menandakan sudah separuh tahun 2015 kita tempuhi. 335 more words

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