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Week 197 - Back, with a plan!

Sorry this is another late post – with the combination of a birthday shindig and a bank holiday weekend, I completely forgot yesterday was Sunday! 304 more words

* The Radiance of Dawn

Dawn comes lightly these days. Perhaps its because the sun is moving to its highest point in the northern hemisphere, or the bird song that fills the air. 118 more words


 With no Expiry?

Great friendship starts when you look into their soul and you see your own reflection in them.

We might not need to tell each other what is on our minds, but I know that you know that I know. 13 more words

Quote of The Day: NOT Clockwork Princess

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

You’re welcome.


À Propos de la Mort et la Renaissance

we stand

at the


each dying

a hundred –

a thousand –

little deaths

with each


that passes.

each death

each sorrow

each fall… 69 more words


Pause, remember and be grateful

San Diego is a military town. I remember when I moved here my surprise at how uniformed military were an integral part of driving, shopping, eating, working and interacting throughout every single day here. 249 more words


in loving memory

Be grateful for those who have gone before, to clear the paths and open the doors. Be thankful for those who led the way, for they provided you the homeland you have today!

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