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"The Old Reliable"

This photograph was taken in a workshop owned by a friend. As old as it look, it’s a wonder machine that cast, bend, cut, drill. Name it, when it comes to iron. 46 more words

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"Celebrating Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie"

Celebrating the African shining star, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. On her being co-nominated with Beyonce for Grammy Award 2015.

Blogging and social media truly build relationship. She author blog called ‘Black And Dixi’ and the post here is hers’ I reblogged on my second blog, african apparells for export last year. 62 more words

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"Last Minute Syndrome"

Last year christmas carnival had come and gone but the preparation was not up to date. Several years back, everything would had been in place by 30th of November. 93 more words

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"The Tilt"

Early morning shots

These two shot taken with just seconds interval.

By just tilting the phone slightly, it affect the the look of the second shot

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"There Is Price To Pay"

Whatsoever the choice,
Be prepare to pay
The price.

There is something
In return
For another thing.

If you learn
To take, you must
Learn to give or… 110 more words


"Between Football And Self Development"

What is the best invesmtent available to man world over? It’s your investment in self development. But the reality is majourity of the people does not see it so. 151 more words

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