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Pinterest vs Reality on Rafting

What Pinterest tells you rafting is like…

What Rafting is actually like…


I am more than a number or a cookie

 I love the way the warm chocolate catches the light as it cools slowly from the oven. My husband makes the best chocolate chip cookies. They are golden brown, crisp on the edges, yet still soft and perfect in the middle. 508 more words

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30 Day Workout Challenge - Day 3..gotta love youtube!

Today’s workout: Yoga

This one is from an inspiring series of workouts by “Yoga with Adrienne” from youtube. She has a series called 30 days of yoga and as a non-yoga person, she is inspiring me to try this out! 96 more words



Standing alone in a storm as wind tears through the trees is not only frightening, but lacks wisdom. Our bodies grow tense, the adrenaline flows and all our emotions explode into a cavalcade of fear. 256 more words


Be Patient

Are we there yet? When will we get there?


How Science Is Changing My World

My journey into the rabbit hole of science didn’t start with an intention to understand the world around me. It began with my need to understand the world that exists inside of me: my mind. 668 more words