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I want to be an inspiration to people. Perhaps this is an egotistical pursuit but if I succeed, I will feel that I've done something worthwhile with my life. Does the reason why really matter? How many of us live our lives by just getting by each day? I'm not talking just financially but emotionally too. Do you truly feel alive? Life can be so much more than getting a job, getting married, having a family, and then retiring, and her ultimate demise. The question to ask ourselves is: Do we have true and meaningful relationships with our family, friends and ourselves or are we just drifting through life, living a role that we've been assigned. The problem is that most of us don't realize our full potential. Often times it starts with our parents, who although their desire is to protect us, have taught us to be cautious and to timidly live lives of mediocrity. It's time to break this pattern. The difference between each of us is an illusion. Although it's been said many times before, what one man is done another can do. The truth is we are mirrors of each other; the difference that we believe exists between us is just an illusion. Each and everyone of us has a story to tell. The trick is what we do with that story. Are we the hero of our own lives or are we the victim of somebody else's choices? What we do with our life matters - it's not just about ourselves - but the generations that follow, our kids and our grandkids. If we come from generations of abuse, whether it is from physical or mental abuse, or a pervasive multi-generation belief that was passed down - saying we are not good enough - it is time to break the cycle. It starts with each of us. We can change the lives of future generations - our children and our children's  children.  Yes I want to inspire others and ultimately I want to inspire myself. I sincerely hope you do too. That is my wish for you. As always take action and show gratitude each and every day. With love and respect, Gary



On Saturday, I’ll be heading down to Florida for my annual family vacation trip! 97 more words


Let's Embrace the Universe

If you hold my hand, if I hold your hand.
If many of us, hold hands, we will be able to embrace the world.
Isn’t this but wonderful? 23 more words


Vegan Pineapple Whip

This recipe is simple and delicious. It also allows you to customize to your liking. If you use Stevia Flavored Drops, a little goes a long way. 154 more words


Photo101: Treasure and Close Up

This assignment is a little tricky because it asks about treasures and yet, it showed a piece of delicious tart. Then I understood. The delicious tart is a symbolic way to say that things will be gone sooner or later. 213 more words