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Inspector Gadget, apparently Canadian

As a child, among my after-school diet of television shows was included a generous helping of Inspector Gadget. Since Netflix released a new version of the show this year and since I have a toddler, I felt it incumbent of me to watch. 666 more words

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Go-go-Gadget Gloom! A persona poem for day 26 of napowrimo 2015

Go-go-Gadget Pen!
Here I go again
Trying to bare a soul
Churning in turmoil

I know my boss hates me
Chief Waldo Quimby
I’ll admit the odd mistake… 129 more words

Inspector Gadget (2015) [TV show review]

Go gadget, go!

The theme song of my childhood, well, one of them anyway.

Inspector Gadget is no stranger to any child of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.   404 more words


N&O: Gyrocopter pilot lived in Sanford briefly

Surely by now you’ve seen the story about Florida postal carrier Doug Hughes flying his peculiar aircraft onto the U.S. Capitol lawn in Washington, D.C. to make a point about campaign finance reform. 180 more words

Lee County NC

Stuff Sucks: Episode 17

The sun is blazing, so we’re hiding indoors till we up our winter depleted melanin levels. On todays expert panel are Reed, Yan, Dan and Jim, all leaders in their fields, for serious. 59 more words

Go Go Gadget Go!

When I was about 5 I went over to my grandfathers house early Saturday morning. One of the most awesome things about staying there was that he had cable. 456 more words


An Animated Dissection: Thoughts on Inspector Gadget (2015)

As a young child, the one thing that could often rouse me out of bed before 8 am, were early-morning cartoons. One of my earliest memories was waking up at my Grandma’s in California in the mid-1980’s, and turning the TV on at 7 am to watch Inspector Gadget. 1,244 more words

An Animated Dissection