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Tomorrowland Falls Short

Tomorrowland is a Disney movie with a big job, to save the world. The movie starts with Frank Walker (Clooney) trying to warn people about the future. 657 more words


Netflix Stream Team: Kid's Stuff, Remixed

All of the stuff from when I was a kid is coming back again. Sequoia and I went to see the NEW movie with genetically modified dinosaurs. 309 more words

Spectre TV Spot 1

I was pretty impressed by Skyfall, which somehow managed to be referential to James Bond movies past, while at the same time breaking new ground. 100 more words


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Lucifer Isn't Such a Bad Guy

Mostly because he doesn’t exist. That being said, there are plenty of people out there who believe in the existence of a being called “Lucifer.” Not only that, there are people who believe Lucifer is synonymous with Satan, arch-nemesis of God – the proverbial… 540 more words


Go Go Gadget!

OK, you know the feeling. You have been thinking about something for months. Many months. The thing happens to be something you want to buy. You have passed on many of them that ‘could work’ in favor of holding out for just the right one. 991 more words

You May Be In Danger Right Now

To the people I know, you are going to want to read this. I have some inside information and parenting code of ethics makes it a little tricky but you should know that you are in grave danger. 441 more words