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Bob Hope Has Escaped to Canada

Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle (1962)

Philip K. Dick is generally classified as a “sic-fi” writer, but this book, beyond a few references to Mars rockets, doesn’t have a lot of the conventional trappings of science fiction. 1,692 more words



Uncovering the blanket that hides the stars,

The sun dips below the sea.

That’s when the vastness sweeps across the sky,

The darker it is the more we can see… 186 more words

The Right Hemisphere

Paranoia as Protest

“Paranoia is finding meaning where there is none. It’s a protest against insignificance.” – John Gray


#004 perspective

Did you ever do that thing when you were a kid of writing your address and extending it out to include country/continent/planet etc…

Great! That’s the kind of thinking you need! 191 more words

Non Help

Feeling like a Bug?

I love reading… I’m a reader more than a writer. It’s really rare and remarkable when something I read inspires me to write though. A certain book I recently read for my World Literature II class caused me to do just that today. 452 more words



Awhile back, in our small group, we got into a discussion of just how far off track our culture is – compared to God’s desire for us; and, what it’s doing to our Nation. 434 more words


The Genie that haunts the moonbeams spake to the Daemon of the Valley, saying, “I am old, and forget much. Tell me the deeds and…

95 more words