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Defending Common Core Math

I must be a teacher at heart. I’ve been out of the profession for almost two years now, and I still can’t help sticking my nose in teaching discussions… or gripes, as it were. 592 more words


Mind, Please be My Friend...

The last few weeks have been fairly hectic: I am planning a meditation intensive retreat, I am taking some continuing education classes, my work schedule is changing, the children have a bunch of activities, and I am a little over-extended.   347 more words



Courtesy (In Ultra Races)

Courtesy is defined, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, as a polite behavior that shows respect for other people; something that you do because it is polite, kind, etc.; or something that you say to be polite especially when you meet someone. 939 more words


Something Wonderful To Think About

I have also shared this at the Dao Bums forums:

First, some assumptions… Linear time is experienced only while in a physical form. Outside of the world of forms, all time is one. 547 more words


A Little Sum-Up

From the desire of being loved, deliver me, Jesus.

By far the hardest words for me to pray.

As far as I can tell, not feeling loved has been the source of most of my problems in life. 604 more words


Who’s getting talked about the most for being the next President of the United States? I know… #viz @tableau

I’ve been harvesting the social conversation on who is being talked the most positively and negativity for being the next President of the United States. I’m going to be doing all kinds of insights as these candidates start announcing and using social is going to be a great way to get to the heartbeat of the conversation. 42 more words