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Christian Mysticism

The core of the Catholic Spirituality is ‘Christian Mysticism’ – Our secret paths of growth in God.

As a Jesus Youth, our pillars should fine tune us towards Christian Mysticism. 108 more words


The Hidden Letters

The Hidden letters i can’t decipher,
until the leaves fell last october.

When you believe that it’s over
you can’t be friends nor lovers

because the trust was trashed and slashed… 28 more words


Keep going in the agony

Agony is when I do what I don’t want to do and don’t do what I want to do.

Standing in that place of tension is horrible. 286 more words


Love First

The path to self annihilation begins with the absence of love and tolerance. It is steered by single mindedness. It is driven by self righteousness. It rides on hate. 14 more words


Promise that Always Satisfies

Yesterday, you saw someone changing status to just got engaged with a photo of her big diamond ring.

Today, you attended a wedding of one of your college girlfriends. 181 more words

Some Struggle

Tributes for Leonard

There have been so many tributes for Leonard that I’ve collected as many as I can here.    He was so very loved and will be never be forgotten. 173 more words

Leonard Nimoy