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When I was a small child I had an experience that made me believe we are eternal. I was resting on my bed when I felt a deep sadness come into my heart and for a few moments I was transported into another person’s body that was on their deathbed. 1,854 more words

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Dec. 22, 2014 Monday

Today was a good if not great day. I just felt good, happy, together, confident. I’m starting to feel the way I felt before repeating something disastrous expecting a different end result. 114 more words


Things do not just happen. Things are made to happen.

– John F. Kennedy

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Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.

– John F. Kennedy


The Transition

Recently I just moved home for the summer from college. This is my first summer at home after being away all year at college, and the transition has been weird. 257 more words

Want to hear from GOD?

Have you ever wanted to know more from GOD?

We would all like complete knowledge but somethings we can only digest one obedient step after the next. 950 more words