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Things I've Learned About Pregnancy

Being pregnant has definitely been enlightening. I thought I knew a lot about pregnancy- and maybe compared to some people, I did/do. But being pregnant has definitely taught me even more. 1,046 more words

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Break-Ups and Broken Hearts

I’ve discovered it is possible to have a break-up without broken hearts. Okay, actually I’m sure that’s not a new discovery, but whatever.

February 2014- I tried to break up with Clay. 421 more words

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I'm Controlling?

So I went over to Clay’s yesterday afternoon, and spent the night. He had work in the evening, but before he went, he and I got to talking, and while I don’t remember how we got to this, he was clearly not saying something. 581 more words

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To Feel Beautiful

I know the boyfriend (actually we’re not together anymore- free to date/fuck whoever we want, so let’s call him Clay) and I aren’t good together. When we lived together, I was fucking miserable, and we argued all the time. 360 more words

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And He's Married

It’s been a tough few days. Thursday it finally happened, the thing I knew was coming but dreading. I honestly was not expecting it to hit me as hard as it did. 337 more words

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A New Normal

I am now 31 weeks pregnant. I’m not trying to count down the weeks- but it’s kind of happening without me being able to stop. I’m really excited to meet my little girl face-to-face, to hold her tiny self in my arms. 428 more words

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Going Crazy

I try to remain a positive person.

I try not to use the popular phrase fuck my life.

I mean, the people I hear using it are usually just having a bad day, and are quick to bitch and moan. 449 more words

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