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Les Bohemes Part 1: Learning Self Love

Look at it. This is the majestic Madewood Plantation in Napoleonville, LA where I am staying for the five-day Les Bohemes retreat.

It’s only the second day and I am learning so much about how important it is to have love for yourself and your unique set of gifts. 139 more words


Big lips. Full lips

I want big lips, full lips, lips which can be coloured with rouge and look great. I want big lips so people don’t mock me for my thin,small lips. 27 more words


Security Lite.

While it is certainly embarrassing to be in my mid-thirties and still sleep with the lights on, obsessively lock and bolt the door, prefer to sit in corners and typically keep my windows closed and latched with shades drawn, I think I have at least come to some level of understanding as to why. 298 more words

Insecurities and Meltdowns

My insecurities got the best of me the other day. Missing M horribly, crying nonstop, panicking about everything and anything. I finally cracked and went berserk on D. 266 more words

Single Mom

The 5 Rules of Self-Confidence

1. Everything will be fine.

As a person with true self-confidence you’re not concerned with the outcome of social interaction – it is not as important because you know you will be fine either way. 317 more words


Believe me when I say this, for I am telling you the truth. We are a creature of lust, and greed. We will not be satisfied with what we have and never will we give up trying to fill that ‘emptiness’. 998 more words

Be Yourself

Not everyone likes you, you know ...

These were the words my beloved 13-yr old daughter wielded like a sword this morning. They were presented as a joke as we were walking up to meet the bus, but it was obvious that it was intended as a soul separating thrust. 507 more words