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Be kind - Rewind - or, don't say it to begin with

“OMG! You look 3 months pregnant!”

Heard that today from someone.  I was in a tight-fitting t-shirt material dress, and had indulged.

I know I am thin. 296 more words

Reevaluate, recharge, reinspire

Do what you’re good at.

That has been my greatest advice to those who ask me how they should handle their insecurities. Whether it’s feeling body-conscious. 1,426 more words


Red Faced Preoccupation

Do you turn beet red when you’re embarrassed?  I am so much better now, but for most of my life everyone knew how uncomfortable I was by the color of my face.  1,351 more words


Why You Should Talk (About Your Stutter) with People Who Love You

People take your cues. If you don’t talk about your stuttering to your friends, they probably won’t talk about your stutter with you. Maybe that feels like a relief, but around long-term friends, it may be nice to know how they feel. 559 more words


Why You Stayed

You texted me last night after I went to sleep and said the very words I’d been looking for when I wrote my post “Like Mother Like Daughter.” You wrote, “I think I needed to feel important. 1,317 more words

Take the Pressure Off: A Guest Post by Allie Shirley

Allie Shirley is a twenty-three-year-old, Jesus-loving entrepreneur, chasing after the dream Jesus has now brought to a reality. Marque Modest Apparel is a company set out to proclaim the name of Jesus, to rebrand modesty, and to inspire others to dream again. 727 more words

Five Things Friday 5/22/15

Happy Friday and hello from Chicago! I’m linking up with Clare again this week to share some of what’s been happening in my life. Enjoy! 367 more words

Anorexia Recovery