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A gentle man's touch

As we sat and talked I fought to keep calm

As his fingers glided gently up and down my arm


Chills ran through my body but I didn’t regret… 364 more words


Where You Desired to Be

I’m at the beach right now so I would like for you to join me for a little bit. Wherever you are whether it’s the indecisive Midwest or the dry west, or the sassy New England think of standing in the sand with just your feet in the water. 758 more words


The Comparison Game

It’s amazing how much your primary environment and the people in it dictate your behavior and beliefs.

I’ve never been a big makeup wearer. In high school I was too awkward and not important enough socially to give a shit about plucking my eyebrows. 584 more words



In Britain today insecurity is endemic. Our current society promotes it. There is a decrease in job security; the benefit system is now a lottery with claimants waiting for the moment when they will be sanctioned and left with no way of buying food or paying bills; families are split and spread around the country (if not the world); additionally, there is seldom a community that anyone can fall back on. 497 more words



A cross section of leaders in Garissa County hailed outgoing Garissa County commissioner Rashid Khator for what they said is skilled leadership at the height of insecurity in the terrorist attack prone County. 546 more words

My Son Ruined Everything

When I announced my pregnancy I swore I could hear the whispering. While some were genuinely excited others only feigned it. Mumbles shadowed every “congratulations” or “so happy for you” and I knew that celebratory smiles were really doubting grins in disguise. 789 more words