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Canada is lovely and I AM grateful for being born here and living here so far, but something has always been in my heart to live in the United States. 263 more words

Connecting The Dots ... With The RESPECT PRINCIPLE

Self Knowledge 136 – “Truth Knowledge Infinity” Satsang part 7

You are bodiless Being, which is before the birth of the Body. Your deathless Being should be shining for you by Self–experience. The same holds true in terms of thought. 688 more words


Hands on Geometry; activities that got students thinking and doing

The end of term brings with it all sorts of chaos and in Maths it brought along 3D shapes. Our pre-test results indicated gaps or forgotten knowledge around the properties of polyhedra and nets. 466 more words


Collaborative Scribble Planner

Initial planning for inquiry …

Inquiry-based learning and collaboration are two of the fundamental non-negotiable elements of planning, teaching and assessing within the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. 2,104 more words


Wimbledon; Sharapova's scream?

Wimbledon is not one of my favorite tennis tournament, I merely watch to keep up.

Today they’re playing 3rd Round, and I’m  watching Maria Sharapova vs. 58 more words


Framing the Curriculum for Inquiry Based Learning! An inquiry into division.

I have been participating in an amazing and unique professional development program which focuses on the ‘powerful’ learning practices. A significant part of this PD is in inquiry learning and developing curiosity in kids – very much in the Ken Robinson mould of changing education perspectives for the future… 351 more words


Desire for Liberation 2

[from Sri Shankara part 2]

He who perseveres in these will achieve Freedom from Bondage to the Body, created by Ignorance.

Let all those who put away & cast aside every error of thought, who are sated with this World’s joys, whose thoughts are full of Peace, who delight in Words of Wisdom, who rule themselves, who long to be free, draw near to this Teaching, which is dedicated to them. 817 more words