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Self Knowledge 85 – “Self-Realization” Satsang’s final installment

When the Mind projects thoughts outward into a World, we do not actually project “outward”, “outward” is also within the Mind. Since it has nothing to do with what is actually Real, it is not necessary. 542 more words


Our Trip to the Outback

As a part of EY4’s final task on their unit about how people use transportation systems to stay connected, I decided that the summative task was going to be a rather large scale simulation of a trip. 484 more words

9. Audience Problem

March 31, 2015

Watch the Google Hangout:

The Audience Problem

What makes a youth-produced video watchable or unwatchable? In what contexts do people become the audience for digital media produced by children and youth? 296 more words


Sanskrit Ribhu Gita Ch 7 part 5

from Sanskrit Ribhu Gita Ch 7, part V

(35)   I have no Listening shravana, Reflection manana, or 1-Pointed Profound Meditation nididhyasana; nor do I have anything “self-inspired… 167 more words


Do we need a Senate inquiry into falling visitor numbers at Canberra's national botanic gardens

How far do visitors numbers need to fall before the federal government orders a comprehensive review of the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra?

Is a Senate inquiry called for, and are any federal politicians sufficiently interested in the fate of national collections to make it a priority? 635 more words


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I (Ms. Erwin) will be joining Mrs. Ali in September at her new school. So this of course means that this upcoming school year (September 2015 – June 2016) I (Ms. 283 more words


Sinking and Floating - Part 2

Using some plastic boats in our water table, I added some stones to see what they children would do with them…of course, they started loading up the boats and making them sink. 65 more words