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The Eternal Journey

This was sent to me and I felt it would be nice  to share it;

The last wishes of Alexander the Great………
On his death-bed, Alexander summoned his army generals and told them… 296 more words


Hunt you or Find you

Oh no Tina

I was taught this way and I don’t think I can do it your way.

Quite thinking, try it, let it be in the record of your story that you tried it onetime… 87 more words


Black History Month


I am deserving

I am somebody

I have a right.  Melvin H. ‘Mel’ King

Melvin H. ‘Mel’ King told me its all about Love, love what you see in your mirror because what you see shines on not just me but the whole world. HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH.


Thank you

My school does this program called Every Monday Matters. Today, we were charged to tell someone how we feel about them. I want to take this time to tell all of my friends here how much I love and admire them. 67 more words


The Extra Mile Peter

“The last time I checked, mental health was more deadly than any thing that could occur now”. this were the last words Peter heard from a conversation on his way to a seminar.   304 more words


Another Book, Plus Creative Thoughts

It seems my goal for the year of reading 20 books is doing well. Today, I spent two hours finishing a book, skipping my beloved lunch time in the process. 483 more words

Smile for Everything

If a smile could get me good grades, I would wear it as a dress.

If a smile gave me a job, I would have a file field with it. 118 more words