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Innovation and Ethics in the Time of Digital Education

A curious thing happened at an event this past Saturday.

I was at the Latin American Education Network’s—LAEN Toronto’s—annual education conference; the topic this year was “From Dialogue to Action.” I was there to promote Homework Help. 1,368 more words

All Industries Are Rushing Towards Mobile. See Why. Sasha Zinevych

If you have a website, you definitely want it to open up well on mobile, and you should even go beyond mobile browsing when it comes to your loyal clients. 1,226 more words


Why You Shouldn’t Just Rely on the Open Source Community to Harden Code Caron Beesley

Responsibility for secure open software is, well, complicated,” writes Government Computer News. It’s not just complicated; it’s also perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of open source software development. 428 more words


Are Your Passwords Safe? Why You Might Be More Vulnerable Than You Think Business.com

There’s only one entrance to the house: a steel door two feet thick. If someone from the outside touched the door, even with a battering ram, they’ll get an electric shock. 579 more words


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Get Started


Our latest conference here at the Helix was Get Started. A line up of entrepreneurs explained some of the aspects and their own personal experience of starting up a new business inspiring many including myself to hopefully do the same one day. 1,951 more words