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When will you do all the things I never ask of you?
When will you be ready?
I’m living so far in the future that I can’t even see you, sometimes. 109 more words

Inner Musings


I can’t regret my choices. They led me to you.
I regret your choices, even though they brought you to me.

I want to go back and tell you it’s all ok. 203 more words

Inner Musings


I know when I get stuck, you see it.
I know when I fall backwards, you feel it.
I know when I fake a smile, you return it anyways. 71 more words

Inner Musings


So many questions.
And none will give me the answers that I want.
They will only make me dwell on the unchangeable past.
They will dig me deeper into a dark place. 45 more words

Inner Musings


I know you are here, wherever I am.
I can reach out, not too far, and touch you.

Next to me is where you belong. 87 more words

Inner Musings


Something is off.

Just a bit.
Just enough.
Just too much.

I can’t say.
I won’t say.

It will pass.
Give it time. 8 more words

Inner Musings


I am sad for a hundred irrational reasons.
A thousand million if I count all that we missed.
I am surrounded by reasons to be happy. 76 more words

Inner Musings