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You, my love, You are a wolf, long and lean.
You, my one, You are a beast, wild and willing.

Everything about You makes me want You. 136 more words

Inner Musings


I don’t have a lot of memories.
Maybe on purpose?

I do have a lot of writings.
Maybe to help me remember?

Some things are best forgotten. 47 more words

Inner Musings


I know I shouldn’t.
I know it only hurts me.
I’m trying. A little more each day, I let it eat away at me less and less. 230 more words

Inner Musings


It’s hard to hear the things that people think. What they thought about my life. How they knew what I thought was hidden. I knew. … 296 more words

Inner Musings


So many times in a day, every day, they come. Unbidden. Unwanted. Out of nowhere, these thoughts about what I missed. What someone else got. What you were alone for. 73 more words

Inner Musings


Never really knew where I was going. Had to go somewhere though. Just go. Made some long pit stops. Some in dangerous places. Stayed alive. Kept going. 96 more words

Inner Musings


Once upon a time, I spent a large part of my life believing certain things while secretly believing in better things.

I said so many things, out loud, to anyone who would listen. 60 more words

Inner Musings