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Something is off.

Just a bit.
Just enough.
Just too much.

I can’t say.
I won’t say.

It will pass.
Give it time. 8 more words

Inner Musings


I am sad for a hundred irrational reasons.
A thousand million if I count all that we missed.
I am surrounded by reasons to be happy. 76 more words

Inner Musings


I was looking for something.

It may not be there.

I hate to hope.

And why should I care?

I DID find something wonderful.

I know it is real and true. 14 more words

Inner Musings


What is it called when you don’t have it in you to cry anymore?

The energy it would take is unavailable. The effort would not be worth it. 42 more words

Inner Musings


I’m tired of thinking.
I’m tired of not being allowed to say what I think.
I’m tired of everything that I keep thinking and wanting to say. 64 more words

Inner Musings


I need you to tell me, sometimes, what you need from me.
I am afraid to do or say too much.
I am afraid to do or say too little. 119 more words

Inner Musings


Transecting deep into the recesses,

Stumbling upon a place – ever so familiar

Which once the mind and soul

Felt to be, Lost to the ages… 84 more words

Inner Musings