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True Story

There is a reason I rarely take customer satisfaction surveys, yet for some reason I felt compelled to voice my opinion on two of them last night. 438 more words

Inner Dialogue

Hello Gorgeous! Seeing That Voice in my Head

The latest cover of Psychology Today says “Your Inner Voice; How to Talk to Yourself and Why it Matters”.  I feel so validated!  My Girlfriend Voice is my Inner Voice—the positive inner voice—she keeps me safe and sane.  471 more words


What Do You Love Today?

Sea salt GF crackers from Aldi, temps nearing 80, the MK flats I bought that are super comfortable, adding blueberries to my shake, husband cooking for me, a semi-organized garage and fully organized closet, cubicle dancing and finally being able to stop taking allergy meds.

What do YOU love today?

Inner Dialogue

It's A Cultural Thing

Last week an acquaintance of mine asked if I would help her out with a school assignment about Judaism. I agreed and she sent over several questions for me to answer about how I view myself as a Jew and my thoughts on the religion in general. 389 more words

Inner Dialogue

How I Got Into Young Adult Novels Through Chuck Palahniuk

I used to think that Young Adult novels were lame, because I assumed that you weren’t allowed to cuss or discuss dark and gritty topics. Of course, that’s what happens when you assume things; you make an ass out of u and me. 718 more words


What's Right With You Today?

My garden is mostly still alive and growing despite cold temps through the week, I sold a couple more images on Getty, I made a favorable impression on several senior leaders at work and I rediscovered the joys of a three hour conversation. 6 more words

Inner Dialogue