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Holding water in one's hand!

Yesterday I had a moment.

A moment of sheer joy and exuberance. I woke the whole of Milkwood Cottage with my happiness. I ran from room to room blurting out snippets of what I had just read on Face Book. 503 more words

Whole with Her

Bright colored markers, scissors, paper, pen, various animal shapes-these are supplies my Inner Child loves. She feels at peace and free from fear when I release her to play like this. 283 more words

It's Magic: Release Inner Child Joy!


Today is the first day of my vacation! The theme of the day is PLAY.

NO ADULTS ALLOWED! So act like a kid again! 314 more words


Inner Child: Connecting with Creativity

We are being called to connect with our sense of creativity on a much deeper level, to discover and find what that is for us. Connecting with your childlike state of creativity invites more richness and depth to the expression of the heart, as it also is the language of our soul and spirit, and the king of energy that is able to move worlds. 516 more words


Letters to the Inner Child: Communication and Healing

When you are caught up in fear, despair or confusion and you can’t seem to get out of it – take a few really deep breaths, and slowly fill your lower abdomen with air, hold it there for a few seconds and then breathe the air out slowly. 732 more words

Intuitive Writing

An Awakened Soul is an Awakening World

Those of us that made the decision to be part of the Ascending cycle, contributing and assisting to the shift through our chosen Soul work, both on the inner and the outer plane is a choice that we made prior to our physical incarnation onto the earth. 518 more words

Worlds Of Comfort

Healing the Shadow Self: Planting the seed of Divine Love

We are having lifetime after lifetime being brought to the surface for review and it is most of the times a ‘trigger’ that leads us to the doorway of having an old wound and pattern be revealed and is able to be healed, when we “shine a light” onto it and see it for what it is. 345 more words

Inner World