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I choose you


All my life I have dated the ” right people”. I have a type like everyone else and I have always dated within it. 583 more words

It is not easy

It is really hard getting over a break up. Many people wonder why it is so hard when I went through a tough one back 6 months ago with my ex of nearly four years. 176 more words


The Ends of My Arms

Does he love my hands? I wonder.

I stand in the mirror, focused on my hands, he says he loves everything about me, every part, but has he even noticed my hands. 91 more words


Who are you?

So I just spent my first Valentine’s Day ‘alone’ in 6 years. Yeah, I know, crazy.
I just love ‘love'; I was young and there’s a lot of positive things about being in a relationship that I thrived off, I enjoy giving…..receiving, being loved; I’ve always had someone else to make me happy. 768 more words


ONE word; FOUR letters . 

.. . these times i sit & dream about being in love like its some unicorn object in life, so many people use the word in vein . 208 more words

Happy 11TH. Monthiversary


How sweet is our time?

How we seek so much more.

But having you each day.

Is more than I could hope for. 62 more words

Woman With A Soul

Woman With A Soul


A heartfelt moment.

Having only her dreams.

Her love for people.

Some others may shatter.

Should she laugh?

Should she cry? 59 more words