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Inktober 2014

A few pieces from Inktober 2014 I haven’t posted here before. I really enjoyed the challenge/practice & will aim to participate again this year.


i got a sweater from Superorange and had to draw it because wearing it near constantly just WASN’T ENOUGH FOR ME.

but seriously check out their stuff it’s cute mm


I was lamenting messing up the hand in the last one so someone jokingly suggested I give everyone tentacles. it sounded like a lovely idea! so here’s a cute tentacle pinup princess because who’s gonna fight me on it


when i was still trying to figure out my inquisitor before the game came out, I decided to draw her and Blackwall in a sort of modern au situation… if you think she wouldn’t go have a sweater made with “inquisitor” written on it you’re wrong… 16 more words