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Forty Years Ago Today: Leeds Mugged by Ref & Kaiser in European Cup Final - by Rob Atkinson

The Great European Cup Final Robbery occurred exactly forty years ago today – half a lifetime’s distance in the past – and yet this, more than just about any other of the many injustices suffered by that legendary team,  903 more words


May; Proverbs 28

Proverbs 28

So, we return to Ch.28, which has become for me the ‘justice chapter’, the linking theme through this chapter is good and bad leadership and how that creates flourishing or dismay for others, particularly the poor and vulnerable. 484 more words

Beyond prison walls

When I close my eyes, I see Rara’s trembling arms as we stand and talk at her husband’s memorial.

I feel the Correctional Officer’s presence over my shoulder. 963 more words


The Bear Paws: Where The Greatest Ghosts Of Injustice Live

For an hour I drove across the most spiritual landscape.  Only two farms.  I was viscerally gripped.  More than awe.  More than grandeur.  I was homing in.   174 more words

A lesson in Family, the real lesson

April 16, 2117

Well, we’ve all seen the broadcast by now. The headline read “Innocent family slain by father recently recruited by the domestic terror group, The Legion”. 2,833 more words


Four Common Misunderstandings: Pacifism

1) Pacifists ignore justice.

You may have heard this famous Edmund Burke quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” A misconception of pacifists is they are those good people doing nothing against evil. 771 more words


Are Apes Persons

Humans are persons. Humans are also animals. That line has also defined law. Now, that line may extend out to include primates. We know primates are animals, but are they persons, or do they at least deserve some of the protections and privileges of personhood? 82 more words