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poetry in chapters

There are stages in the writing of poems

Not stages as in the beginning or the end

But chapters in your life.

From nineteen to twenty five… 136 more words

Do you know?

It has been nearly two months since I finished my year long program in the most diverse neighborhood in Minneapolis. I spent a year living in South Minneapolis, studying urban issues, non-profit administration, urban social psychology, the history of the Twin Cities, and learning about all sorts of systemic injustices, many of which are concentrated and accentuated in the urban environment. 684 more words

A Thought for Independence Day...

While you are celebrating our nation’s independence tomorrow, please hold in your hearts, the incalculable number of Native Americans who were either expelled from their rightful lands or murdered during the founding and western expansion of the United States.   212 more words


An economist explains why the key to a free world lies with China

Freedom is a rarity in human history, and still too much of a rarity in the world today. This should be no surprise. Would-be tyrants abound, and it is not easy to establish a system that keeps them all in check. 1,984 more words

Terrorisme - Ce que nous devons faire

Historiquement, les gens se sont orientés vers le terrorisme lorsqu’ils s’inscrivaient dans une certaine dynamique de lutte contre ce qu’ils percevaient comme injustice socio-économique, politique ou historique. 713 more words

Business And Politics

Mourning with Charleston

by Phil Porter

The shock of the wanton and racist violence in Charleston, SC, where nine African-American church people were murdered, must be fully registered in us, even as it causes pain and confusion. 416 more words