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Blogger Facing 950 Lashes Could Get Death Sentence

Blogging is one of the freedoms we have, but this is not so in some countries.

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A protester holds a placard outside the Royal Embassy… 219 more words


Retired Federal Judge Regrets Delivering 55-Year Weed Sentence

The Huffington Post

Three marijuana sales landed 24-year-old Weldon Angelos in prison for 55 years — and the federal judge who sentenced him is now speaking out against the penalty. 540 more words

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Whether the Judge feels guilt over technically being "forced" to hand out such an extreme sentence, a sentence that has ruined the lives of an entire family, the fact is that he allowed himself to be an agent of evil by doing what he was told instead of resigning his position. Although I do not want to pass eternal judgement on this Judge (whereas his job description does entail passing eternal judgement on people), the truth is that evil cannot be carried out without both the willing and the not-so-willing foot soldiers alike who fail to take a stand against injustice. What's more, this case is no anomaly. Millions of families have been ripped apart by the failed "War on Drugs".


Scourging the crime in dark alleys
riding down sharp valleys
striking hard blows to stark realities
indulging myself in theatricalities
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What really makes you angry about the world?

I am here again, after three months of saying that I will start a weekly blog about myself. It never really took off, right? What happened, Amy? 500 more words


"The Opposite of Poverty is Justice" - Part 2

I’m reading Bryan Stevenson’s book Just Mercy, A Story of Justice and Redemption.  It is both brutally honest and extraordinarily encouraging.  As  Desmond Tuto says, 561 more words

Hope Changes Everything

Asylum and detention

This disturbing film is one of the many reasons you keep reading about asylum in the UK if you follow my blog.

Life Thoughts


“Wheat kings and pretty things

Wait and see what tomorrow brings”

My dear M.,

You might be fatigued by the megabytes of music from Tiny in your inbox over the last few months.

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