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Ain't I A Man

In 1851 Sojourner Truth delivered her famous Ain’t I A Woman speech at the Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio. She compelled the world to see past her color that blinded them to her humanity. 465 more words

Discontent you say? no, that means its like any other winter.

If I told you my story would you laugh or cry? If I did you a favor would you say it was a lie? 431 more words

Copwatch Notes

Stop women's rights defender from going to jail

Credit: Renee Clement

Author: ActionAid UK

Target: UK Foreign Secretary

Women’s rights lawyer Azza Soliman faces five years in jail after witnessing the killing of an activist by Egyptian police. 236 more words

Do Baltimore Cops Have A 'Prior Record' Of Injustice?

Earlier this month, Baltimore police reportedly broke a man’s spine while arresting him and bringing him to jail in handcuffs.

The man, Freddie Gray, underwent a double surgery on three broken vertebrae and an injured voice box on April 14th, after being beaten by police. 168 more words


Man gets jail sentence for gathering rain water - Yet industry does whatever they want to the environment?


A man in Oregon was sentenced to jail just for collecting his own rain water, even after he was originally given permission.

So fracking, relentless oil drilling and dumping waste in rivers is A-OK, but as soon as someone wants to use the water that naturally falls on their land, they go to jail? 23 more words


Here's to the Freaks. Here's to the Future.

Here’s to boys who like boys, girls who like girls and men who like to wear dresses. Here’s to the woman who doesn’t want to look like an anorexic stick insect from some vile fashion magazine and who knows she is the equal of any man. 614 more words