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Baltimore On Fire

I don’t have the chops to explain what’s going on here.

Dan Diamond, a contributor at Forbes, has a take on what spurred this on. 73 more words


My Parents Went To Baltimore and All I Got Was This Looted T-Shirt

We interrupt Words in a China Shop’s regular scheduled posting to bring you the following.

Words in a China Shop is offering for your protesting pleasure a tour bus to Baltimore! 320 more words

Kayleb Moon-Robinson's Injustice

The following words are from an EMAIL I sent to the Virginia State  Office of the Governor:

“Kayleb Moon-Robinson.  I am embarrassed for the State of VA, for allowing the injustice to go unchecked.  769 more words


Mark of a Lady : Why Are We Still Fighting for Civil Rights?

The year is 2015 but men of darker complexions are still being profiled by law enforcement in various cities around the country. When men, women and children are being assumed guilty before arrest and are being gunned down and physically harmed by those sworn to protect us, there is a problem. 423 more words


The Real Problem With The Baltimore Riots

Burning cars, burning stores, people being violent. Nothing probably sounds scarier to the average American right now. For a country that is totally resistant to change, something like a riot is totally a nightmare and to be fair, violence is not something I can condone outright. 1,231 more words


I’m going to cheat a bit here…

You know that emoticon with X’s for eyes?

Today (Tuesday, April 28) is supposedly the execution date of Mary Jane Veloso, a Filipina who was caught with drugs in her luggage in Indonesia where she was supposedly to start work as a domestic helper. 202 more words