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Cherry trees and children by Joanna

(Warning: Sexual exploitation, child abuse, rape)

I, am an angry woman.

You wouldn’t necessarily know that if you met me. People tend to tell me I seem calm , even serene (not necessarily my favourite way to be thought of, but it is often said, just the same). 553 more words

The "world" and "Good"

Dear brethens,I wish us all,Good,Peace and love in a world,where these three qualities has taken a centre stage only in the reverse order.
In a world,where falsehood reigns supreme;truth suffers behind bars and anyone is dared to free it. 151 more words

A World Without End [Spoil. Alert]

My second addition to the star jar!

To be fair I skipped through this mini-series a lot but mostly because it was so infuriating. Not the series, but the actual occurrences. 824 more words


Are You Not of More Value? By Claudia May

I heard a story once that continues to captivate me. An African American male leader of a ministry that mentors black boys living in an urban center walked one of his students home after their weekly group meeting. 1,256 more words