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Suspected drunk driver sends 1 to hospital

ZEELAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man is recovering in the hospital after an alleged drunk driver drove up and struck him from behind on the Highway. 105 more words


Three weeks to go!

Just a quick check in – life has been pretty hectic since getting back from NZ, and between family, work, socialising (yes, despite my training schedule, I do have friends!) and training, blogging has had to take a back seat. 382 more words


Nothing Major

Attempting to plug a lead into my digital piano, I bumped my head on the instrument as I bent over. I felt a sharp pain – D sharp actually – for a few moments, and a little lump formed on my forehead. 19 more words



What. An. Epic. Bummer.
I’m that lady that can’t hold a dummbell in her right hand right now.

Next stop…..lame station.
Bypassing gain station.


Big Bikes & Fighting with Nature

There’s no funny play on words with the title today, I’ve been riding on my mountain bike, or the ‘big bike’ as I call it, and I had a scuffle with a tree. 518 more words


Page 65

Bob lurches out of sleep not immediately able to determine why. It seems to him he hears an absence of sound – what’s left when a sound has finished its clatter or clank but he wasn’t awake to register it as heard. 508 more words


How to cope with an injury

You have injured your muscle… now what?

Classify your injury

First degree muscle strain:

Excessive stretching or minor tearing of a few muscle fibres. Locialised pain with some stiffness and weakness. 362 more words