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Active recovery

Things recovery is not: binge watching Netflix, cleaning, gardening, cooking 10 meals and baking a 6 month supply of empanadas. It’s not worrying about working out or running errands. 756 more words

Triathlon Training

Time on Feet

The last couple of months have been a struggle for me when it comes to running. I’ve been working through a chronic knee injury that has recently flared up in a bad way. 2,212 more words


Believe it or don't

Believe it or don’t

You can’t make this stuff up! In a real case of believe it or don’t, a worker from Lodi, California was charged with felony fraud against the workers’ compensation system. 265 more words

Bastard Injuries.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, they* say that most injuries occur during your white and blue belt years. The reason for this is because you’re green to the sport. 419 more words


Getting caught up with numbers

This post is a little out of the norm for something I would typically write – but it is also something that has been weighing heavily on my mind, so I thought I would share. 410 more words




I’m alive still.. I promise. I’ve been posting Here regularly so check it out.

Life in general is good. Time is flying by, scary. … 275 more words


Leaving Your Mark

Hey there, injury prone comrades! Shout if you’ve ever had any of the following sidelining ailments:

  • The one where pain on the underside of the kneecap flares when sitting still or walking down stairs (i.e.
  • 511 more words