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PayPal Wants To Integrate Password with Human Body

You would have been holding a number of online accounts for different services, but how many of you hold a different and unique password for every single account? 53 more words


New Dark Web Marketplace Offers Zero-Day Exploits to Hackers

Hackers have sold secrets of zero-day exploits in the underground Dark Web marketplace such as the Silk Road and its various successors for years, and now a new deep web marketplace has appeared that offers anonymity protection to its sellers. 34 more words


SSCC 194 - Patch early? Patch often? This time, "Patch NOW!" [PODCAST]

Join Sophos experts Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin for the latest episode of our weekly security podcast.
From the very latest Update Tuesday to how we get rid of 10-year-old security holes, here’s the security news you can use. 9 more words


APT Group 'Pawn Storm' Ratchets Up Attacks

Threat actors have set up several new C&C servers and dozens of new malicious URLs — and now targeting White House staffers, Trend Micro says. 10 more words


Google fixes potential revenue-stealing "comment cloning" YouTube bug

Two Egyptian security researchers figured out how to clone other people’s YouTube comments.
You could "borrow" approvals and positive reviews so that they appeared to promote your videos, too. 9 more words


7 Deadly Sins That Get Users Hacked

How users and their endpoints are leveraged by the bad guys to eventually find their way to critical data

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