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Hunter - Prey Dynamics

Players often forget that Eve is a PvP game. Although the game is much safer than it used to be, I think this is a good thing. 1,305 more words


I'm BACK! (I think)

Maybe I can start writing again…

I started up a second blog because something that is becoming an increasingly large part of my life is study abroad, and I want to have all of my adventures recorded in a nice place together, and obviously that doesn’t exactly have to do with being obsessed with Disney.   176 more words


My Bird Yard

“Birds, it must be admitted, are the most exciting and most deserving of the vertebrates; they are perhaps the best entrée into the study of natural history, and a very good wedge into conservation awareness.” 1,272 more words


10 tips on stress from a guy in prison

I’m in prison. So you got to imagine I know a thing or two about dealing with stress. Especially while in a stressful environment.

It gets no more stressful then being in prison… 2,544 more words


Just a Few Things To Say

One thing I detest about chronic fatigue is that on different weeks and days I can feel very different. Some days my body just wants to lay in bed all day and some days I actually feel quite normal and want to go to the mall, the art gallery, the Beauty Lounge, or some other place that is not a doctors office. 544 more words

My Thoughts

We learn from every experience and situation presented to us, including the painful ones. In fact, some of our greatest lessons are learnt through our most painful events.


Don’t let the color of their skin or their faith prevent you from falling in love.