Make It! Maths Challenge

In class today we have been exploring creative calculations.

Using the digits from the date, today being 3, 7, 1 and 5, the children were challenged to try and create calculations to make all of the numbers from 1 – 50 using each digit once only. 84 more words



Just a few JULY tidbits in today’s post. This month is…..

National Hot Dog Month, Ice Cream Month, National Grilling Month.

Independence Day is always celebrated on the 4th. 81 more words


The Star Spangled Banner

Tomorrow is the 4th of July (Independence Day).

A few years ago we were on a historical tour and stayed in Washington D.C. While there we spent a few days at the Smithonian and got to see this amazing piece of American history. 255 more words


Paleo Chicken Dinner

Sorry about not really posting in a while it’s been a bit hectic lately. I thought I would share a recipe with you guys that I love making and is super simple. 214 more words

Midway Wristbands Offer Unlimited Rides at The Kentucky State Fair!

The Midway features over 30 rides that include a great selection of both children and adults. This year, Midway wristbands are good all day, any one day and can be purchased in advance later in the summer at… 106 more words


Introducing: Goodness News!

One thing that I really believe in is the power of listening to other people. Listening stimulates empathy and increases your knowledge and understanding of the world around you.  377 more words


PGCHE Educational Study – update

Almost a third of the way through the time allowed for the PGCHE Educational Study – which is a kind of mini-dissertation and I’m struggling to get me head straight. 673 more words