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Status Quo on Gender Equality

UN Women report on Gender Equality in one infographic :

where are we today ?

Women And Girls

The State of Job Seeker Personalities in America

Does the state in which you live have an effect on your personality? You might be surprised at this study.

Every job seeker is born with certain personality traits, but new data from the infographic below — compiled by… 197 more words

Job Advice

[DAILY INFORMATION] Women who overcame: Malala Yousafzai

Malala’s story is one that won’t be forgotten. The youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate, almost killed in her fight for girls’ education in Pakistan. This brave young woman is one of many who, despite the odds has not only overcome but is in the forefront of human rights advocacy for education and women. 58 more words


Best Times to Post on Social Media

When are the best times to post on social media? Ever wondered if it makes a difference? If so what kind of difference will it make to your business? 61 more words


Googles 2014 Algorithm Changes, they Affect your SEO

Are you aware of all the algorithm changes Google made in 2014? When looking at your website does it comply!? How does it affect your SEO… 63 more words