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Why porn?

Words. I love them. I am addicted to exploring them, discovering new ones, finding old ones. I love analysing them. I love discovering their meaning. I love creating beautiful sentences, stringing words together like beads on a dazzling necklace. 721 more words


Ten communication secrets of great leaders

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No one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator. 662 more words

The Letter 26 – Topic 4 – Matter 4

The Letter 26 – Topic 4 – Matter 4: The instinctual soul, desire, doubts, and Satan exercise great influence over man. In order to damage his faith, they are much of the time able to take advantage of his negligence, to trick him with their wiles, and thus to extinguish the light of belief with doubts and uncertainty. 46 more words


Lost & Found Bin

Is it lost?

Or is it found?

Does beckon one simple question…

If I lose it all?

Can I say, “y’all

…I found the actual direction?” 151 more words

Love Another

Why You Don't Know Anything About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is just a word, and mostly a lie. Lies are not a problem as long they work. The question is, as so often, whether the lie obscures the truth or merely replaces another lie. 124 more words

Body Language

Thoughts on a Friday - Moments

I thought I’d do this post a day later than planned too, just to keep a little gap between posts :-)

As writers, we know the importance of getting the timing right – the perfect moment for a reveal, or the point in a poem where we change or enhance the rhythm. 202 more words