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Day 105: I Am Installation and Films

Today was spent setting up my installation for the interlocking brief. This took all morning as I needed to print and put up 58 different ‘I Am Inspirational’ photos and then connect some of them with string to show how all my influences are interlocking. 11 more words

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Purple Japan

When I was little, I wanted to be Japanese. I guess it might have been because of the Japanese “invasion” on TV the likes of Bioman and other Power Rangers… they seem to be everywhere on TV when I was growing up. 101 more words


“Stories matter, and the ones who learn to tell them and live them influence the world.” Donald Miller


Who do you look like?

You look like {fill in the blank}. On a weekly basis it seems like someone is telling me I resemble someone or I am mistaken for another person. 406 more words


How to Persuade During a Crisis

You may not be the right messenger, show both sides, find common ground.

How To Persuade Employees During a Crisis from HBR


A damn good average, but not damned

Friends and coworkers.  They have the power to influence you to become damn good, or just damned.  Choose that circle of five wisely.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

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Begone Gone girl!

I love being recommended books; most of the time that’s why we end up reading certain books really isn’t it! Same for most things in life really; books, films, new food, restaurant, shop, clothing brand and so on. 431 more words