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If you’ve read other posts (see D-Day), you know that J was diagnosed with cancer shortly after we were married. Yesterday, J had a check up with his hematologist/oncologist at the hospital where he received his treatment. 649 more words



Thank you all for the comments on yesterday’s post.

I’m not going to lie, it was awful. I ended up vomiting from the stress, breaking down in tears, sending passive aggressive and angry texts to my husband, and ending the day by collapsing on my bed in a tearful mess. 381 more words


All in

Most of the time when I sit here with the intent to blog, I find my mind working much faster than I can type or even dictate. 2,626 more words


being the other

I only write these words
to lift that suffering from then shoulders,
once you placed it on mine for some time.

stumbling through trash has become… 54 more words


Child Support After Separation

hello  please help me, I was married for two years but we parted due to infidelity,emotional and physical abuse among other things that i wont disclose.However i went to NALEP and we got to sign an agreement regarding our daughters upkeep.The guy paid for upkeep only for 3 months and disappeared to Dubai,i don’t have his contacts and his family cant give me.i have tried……How do i go about legal redress because am totally exhausted from taking care of a child alone….i cant even save.Please help me whoever has a way out am begging.Thank you


Sharing is caring or is it?

 The big decision is who to talk to after you discover that your husband has been having an affair. Adrenaline may carry you through the first month or so, but after that you will need support from a confidante and the role of that person is to be a sounding board.  1,471 more words


I'm in Love with the Driver: The Benefits of Scribbling

“Touch me through each word you think, write with pen upon my skin, tell our stories, scribble ink on every space.” Alex Sandra Myles

Love is an emotion that is both inexplicable and transparent. 591 more words

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