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An insightful look at morality - His Other House by Sarah Armstrong

‘His Other House’ is Sarah Armstrong’s second book, coming ten years after her Miles Franklin shortlisted debut novel, ‘Salt Rain.’ Both books are set in the Northern Rivers Region and the lush environment is an intrinsic part of the story. 364 more words

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Oftentimes,it saddens my heart whenever i hear it all over the places or even happened to have been a witness to cases of infidelity in relationships.Very common among most cases;A prospective or active cheating partner would usually create-out and feed their own mind with the excuse of;not gaining some imaginable wild form of sexual satisfaction from their partner in a bid to ward-off any sense of guilt that may be arising from their own conscience. 105 more words

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What To Do When Your Man Is Cheating

In this video Soncerae reads an e-mail that she received from a viewer who was pleased with the advice Soncerae gave her about her cheating husband.

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Survey Says People With Power Are More Likely To Cheat on Their Partners

The results of a 2011 Dutch study found that people with power are more likely to cheat on their significant other. The study also suggest that powerful people are more likely to encroach upon someone else’s significant other. 269 more words


Dear sobriety. ..

Dear sobriety,

I think we should give each other space.

I’ve been here for u,
You’ve been here for me,


Her memory still haunts me, 16 more words