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Surviving divorce...

I don’t know why people say “surviving divorce.” I am definitely not surviving it. It is more like a huge piece of me is dying and I am trying to not die along with it. 751 more words



When I found out my husband cheated on me I felt like I got punched in the stomach. All the air in my body left me. 807 more words


A Very Low Blow

It was almost a month after our wedding when I found that that my husband was having an affair. I was holding my husband’s phone when it vibrated. 333 more words


To The One I Love

I shall never see

Someone as lovely as thee.

Perhaps thy sister.

Short Stories

New discoveries....

It’s amazing the things you discover when you are trying to distract yourself from pain. I knew that on a recent deployment to Germany that my husband was talking to a girl who goes to our school. 824 more words



All I will say is if the shoe fits wear it. You want to be the main one when you’re second in line. Why, why, why? 735 more words


There are several of us out here who have been hurt and betrayed by individuals closest to us. The individuals that go by the name of husband, sister, mother, father even friend and so many more. 104 more words