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Sometimes, the evidence seems overwhelming

There are so many words and phrases of endearment from P. to my husband that it leaves my mind spinning. I have not read any responses from my husband, so far, that return the endearments to P. 645 more words



Lately I have been thinking about trust a lot, wondering if I will ever be able to trust him again.  Yesterday he thought I was acting suspicious which I guess is not all that hard to understand why, because at times I have made references to having an affair myself.  214 more words



i should let the one
who loves me

love me

why do we give
to those

who don’t know
how to love us

only to turn away… 30 more words

Letting Go

Fuckity Fuck Fuck

Having a shit day, shit weekend and shit life as of late… I would ask for prayers, but those fall like cement blocks when directed towards me. 30 more words

Marital Infidelity Is Abuse That Causes Trauma And Ptsd

I was unsure if this was reflective journal entry, or a thread. I d like comment, so I ve put it here, with apologies for its long and rambling nature. 59 more words

Marital Infidelity Is Abuse That Causes Trauma And Ptsd

Please set up a forum for those who are experiencing PTSD as the result of a partner s marital infidelity. To those who suffer the trauma of betrayal, infidelity is no less catastrophic than natural disaster, combat, or child sexual abuse. 57 more words

As I know It

As I Know It

don’tcha know, don’tcha see

Didn’t you ever pay attention to me
I tried to tell you in so many ways how it would be… 208 more words