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Never date a girl who reads and write.

This is War and you’re armored with good looks, charisma, money, lies and what not. The antagonist is a girl, yes a girl with mere mediocre looks, the kind you don’t even take seriously but she reads… 568 more words


Don't give permission to inferiority!


“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

One thing you must learn to close your doors to is unnecessary discouraging comments from people. 109 more words

General 'coins'

Cut the chase, we're only human

Inferiority isnt a stranger to me. Most my life, I had been the smallest, the skinniest kid at school. And despite having been one of the smarter kids when I was younger, I always think theres someone better out there. 628 more words

Quote for today

Don’t let no one make you feel small…. remember , No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. –Eleanor Roosevelt


Numbers 30-36

More Rules to Belittle Women

In Numbers 30 God instructs Moses on the importance of keeping vows and then Moses passes it along to the people.   521 more words


Why I stopped seeking your approval

I’m often told that I come off as very confident and self-assured. If only you knew that my heart raced nervously when I met you for the first time. 630 more words