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The Pilgrimage of Baptism: A Reflection on Infant Baptism

Picture this: Mr. and Mrs. Smith are a young couple in their early thirties living in southeastern Indiana. Mr. Smith was just offered a high paying position with a big law firm in upstate New York. 1,037 more words


Samuel & Micah Renihan On Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology & Biblical Theology [PDF]

This material was presented by the authors to students of Westminster Seminary California during a lunch hour on campus in response to their inquiries about how Reformed Baptists view covenant theology. 181 more words

Covenant Theology

Baptism and Covenant Theology

Booklet: Baptism and Covenant Theology
By Walter J. Chantry

No Baptist begins to seek an answer to the question “Who should be baptized?” by studying the Bible’s doctrine of the covenants. 254 more words


A Difference Between Reformed Baptist And Paedobaptist Covenant Theology

From the pen of Pascal Denault:

What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. 170 more words

Covenant Theology

Paedoism or Credoism?

A Reformed Baptist Argument for Believers’ Baptism Based on Covenant Theology

By Richard C. Barcellos, Pastor


Christians within the Reformed tradition are painfully aware of doctrinal division over many issues. 371 more words

Covenant Theology