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MSBA at the Capitol — Bill would fix funding inequity for teacher alternative compensation aid

MSBA supported a bill heard Thursday in the Senate Education Committee that would equalize and expand the alternative teacher compensation program for all school districts. 319 more words

2015 Legislative Session

Sire, The People Are Revolting...

How can you be greedy when you have nothing? Desperation leads to desperate acts and overlaying moral judgment doesn’t help anyone when morality can be abandoned when survival is at stake. 955 more words


The Gulf in New Zealand Education Today, by Bevan Morgan

Make no mistake about it – education is absolutely one of the most important tools for rescuing lifestyles that are drowning in the oceans of poverty crashing over the country. 2,939 more words


Race, Food, and Health

I am a food and racial justice activist. I am also a nutrition practitioner and future Registered Dietician. Rarely do I feel these two identities cross over. 660 more words


TFA's Skewed View of Educational Inequity and how it's Hurting our Kids

Public education is arguably the most important free social service in the United States. K-12 education is vital, obviously, to having an informed, literate society of citizens who can shape the world around them.   1,094 more words

Recapping the year, three months later

In part to break the silence on this blog, in part to respond to friends who didn’t receive the update, I’m posting below the annual holiday letter I send out to folks between traditional New Years and Chinese New Year. 1,170 more words