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Robin McAlpine proposes ten changes of mindset to set us on our way

Only by altering the way we see things in general terms can we begin to deliver a fairer society. Robin McAlpine proposes ten changes of  mindset  to set us on our way… 110 more words


Racism in the Workplace

Almost one in four of the UK population (22%) have come across racism in the workplace – more than in any other area of society. 40% of black people say they have witnessed racism in employment, this is double the figure for whites. 322 more words

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Rob Peter to pay Paul!

It is not a new story. We have witnessed ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ many a times. The latest incidence took place in Indian Parliament witnessed by millions of people on live television and over 700 MPs physically. 532 more words


Can inequality affect growth?

Both theoretical and empirical research have found conflicting evidence as to what the relationship between economic growth and inequality is. There is some evidence for monotonic, linear positive or negative relationships. 629 more words


Do Your Best: The Failings of a Meritocratic Society

Every day of our lives we are told to ‘do our best’ and ‘try our hardest’ and I will not dispute that hard work and discipline is needed for anyone to succeed in any field. 397 more words

Success: The Unclaimed Opportunity

I believe wholeheartedly and unconditionally that anyone is capable of achieving absolutely anything. However, the often illusory intercepting obstacles between the average person and their dreams are traditionally enough to prevent the individual and their success ever coming into close proximity with one another; resulting in such ideas and desires remaining as elusive dreams. 1,426 more words


Individualism and the Social Determinants of Health

Individualism was established as a Western value during the Enlightenment. During the 19th century there was reaction to many of the values of the enlightenment, except individualism. 1,963 more words

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