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A History of the film industry, and where it’s heading

The film industry is a business just like any other. It has changed drastically multiple times since the 1900s, and will inevitably change again. In order to be successful, aspiring filmmakers must be aware of the changes that are to come in the film industry, and be able to adapt to them. 285 more words

The “Flexible” and “Sharing” Economies

Are they what they seem?

Exuberance reigns during times of innovation, evolving business models, and economic reinvention, creating new vectors of growth, but the resulting changes often come with unintended consequences and a misunderstanding of what drives new behaviors. 641 more words


EA's proposed Free-to-Start business model

I wrote about the potential behind the Free-to-Start business model, something Electronic Arts is actively looking into as a means of pushing future games and subscription services. 37 more words