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How commercials ruined the hip-hop classics

There’s no other art form that has been spoofed and lampooned as much as hip-hop. It was the butt of everyone’s jokes for decades, and even now, after years of mainstream exposure, the wider world’s lack of understanding of the music still makes us feel like we are being laughed at whenever a rapper appears on a network talk show, or in a serious debate piece. 391 more words


RIAA 2013- 2014 U.S. Music Industry Revenue Stats

The Recording Industry Association of America has released their 2014 Mid-Year Review Revenue Statistics.

Joshua P. Friedlander, Vice President of Strategic Data Analysis of the RIAA, has compiled and organized data regarding both retail and wholesale revenue traffic, and it shows that revenue took a slight hit last year. 180 more words

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Bao&Yvonne After Wedding Shooting

Lieber spät als nie!

Deswegen ohne viel Geschwafel die Fotos vom After-Wedding Shooting mit Bao&Yvonne. Schön wars, wenn auch kalt.

Die komplette Hochzeitsreportage folgt die nächsten Tage. ;)



Sheffield wandering...

TEXT: Petra had the only key to the door at the top of the building. When everyone clocked off, the step clicks petered out around half five. 44 more words


This T-Shirt Is Supposed to ‘Clean Itself.’ Does It? - By Adam K. Raymond March 27, 2015 3:55 p.m.`

We spill a lot of stuff in my house. I’m the main klutz, but my 17-month-old is showing signs of surpassing me one day soon. And occasionally our dog will join in, too, by knocking over a drink while jumping onto the couch. 207 more words


Kernel Oil established by Widod Ratanachaithong and their products

Widodo Ratanchaithong is the CEO and trading director of “Kernel Oil pte Ltd.” Widodo Ratanachaithong runs his business in a very competent way. For the petroleum industry it is very challenging to lead a successful industry with keeping in laws and environmental issues into consideration.  43 more words

Kernel Oil