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Tethys, Mother of the Sea

Tethys is a Titan goddess, daughter of Gaia and Uranus. Her job title is mother of the sea.  She works together with Nyx and Gaia to form the Titan’s world.   224 more words


The more joy, clarity, transparency and exuberance you feel

…the clearer the evidence that you truly individuate…Individuation meaning ultimately that you are actually ridding yourself of the generational collective madness which steals and gives itself to be your true life.


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During the exciting and educational April #NaPoWriMo I managed to kick out 30 poems in 30 days.   I will follow the poets I met because they make my days richer with only short bursts of time invested. 458 more words


Individuality and suffering - Knowledge its antidote

If it were not for individuation, the world would look perfect in its beauty and sublimity. But also without individuation we could not be here to appreciate it. 205 more words

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Imaginal Love

[Although I never planned to take this long of a break from WordPress, I have been finding it difficult to make time for writing and reading here. 1,134 more words

James Hillman


Windows of stained glass, gothic arches reaching down from heaven

Contain secret hiding places from which to see the world in procession

Between clouds and stars light years have passed uncounted, forgotten… 73 more words


Keep the Beat

On stage alone declaring how holy is everything

Drama and grit in bohemian glory, unafraid, uncensored

Blazing through the living backwoods of words, bongos,

Coffeehouse in some village overflowing with reform… 88 more words