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Blending In

Blending in
Doesn’t make you unnoticeable…
It’s merely an opportunity
For your uniqueness
To stand out.

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Originally posted Jan 12 2014



Albert Einstein once said, “it is more important to foster individuality for only the individual can produce new ideas.” Today we can all agree that Einstein was a mastermind when it came to producing creative ideas. 411 more words


a matter of choice

I’m invisible

because I keep to myself.

I remain hidden

only coming out by choice,

to be amazed at sunshine.


Leroy Pudd

Delineating from the path of least resistance

I’ll tell you one of the far reaching affects sexism has on society: the production of constricted, suffocating sameness; the diluting of individuality.

It creates sameness terms as “girly” and “manly” and people feeling they have to live to the parameters of these labels. 242 more words


The Art of.....Watching Netflix

Focus, determination, strength, and most of all patience. All these key characteristics are vital for anyone who is planning on creating a Netflix account and planning on watching a new series. 348 more words


Step Up or Step Down?

My dad owns two successful restaurants, both called JT Schmid’s, that he started and ran, and continues to run, by himself. It is fabulous—I love that he owns them—but I want absolutely nothing to do with the business. 333 more words