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John Stossel: Rand Paul Isn’t Perfectly Libertarian, But He's the Best Presidential Contender We’ve Got

Reason: Yes, he avoids alienating conservatives. But has he violated his principles?

It’s not smart to get too enthusiastic about any politician. I’ve been disappointed often. 168 more words


As The Number Of Laws Increase, Individual Freedom Decreases

In a recent article by George Will titled, How to proceed when everything is a crime?, he says there are “an estimated 4,500 federal criminal statutes – and innumerable regulations backed by criminal penalties… The presumption of knowledge of the law is refuted by the mere fact that estimates of the number of federal statutes vary by hundreds. 251 more words

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Thank you for the positive comments on 'Who I write for'

Thank you for the positive comments on ‘Who I write for’

by Jon Rappoport

April 9, 2015



I just want to thank the people who are commenting positively on my piece, … 329 more words

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Who I write for

Who I write for

by Jon Rappoport

April 8, 2015






The individual.

Imagination. Creating new realities.

Society and civilization as a potential force for helping to liberate the individual. 1,271 more words

Matrix Revealed

When should a law be passed?

Sometimes people contend that regulations and laws should not be passed. That people have the right to act as they wish. With respect to food, should there be any laws or should people be responsible for themselves?

Food Safety

Carmen Di Luccio - Lunar Eclipse In Libra - Balancing Relationship Needs With Individual Freedom - 4-4-15

By Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution, April 3, 2015


On Saturday, April 4th at 8:05 am (ET) we will be having the peak of a Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra. 617 more words

Anang M: Video: The Heritage Foundation: Larry Schweikart's A Patriot's History of The Modern World

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Even though I’m favor of Freedom of Religion in America, even as an Agnostic, I have a hard time agreeing that what makes America great at least up to the 20th Century is because of how many Christians are in the country. 338 more words

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