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Lightworker Karin Lacy - Living in the 5th Dimension - Advice for suicidal Indigo Children - 7-1-15

2 Part Message from Lightworker Karin Lacy   –  

Living in the 5th Dimension   –   Advice for suicidal Indigo Children   –   7-1-15


This is a two-part piece. 3,095 more words


Full Moon in Capricorn July 1, 2015

Hello Starseeds! It’s been a week since we entered into the summer season so I hope you all have welcomed and embraced it with open arms. 369 more words



The intensity of the greatness of this talk is just incredible. I absolutely love it! =)


Gratitude Makes Movement

About ten years ago there was a thing called The Gratitude Movement in spiritual circles, I can’t remember where I got the particular e-mail I’ve been thinking about, but I do remember the woman began with an egg shape and had it spiral out from the center. 143 more words


Stand Up and Fight For What You Believe In

As an Indigo Child, I often am caught off guard by how infrequently “spiritual” people are trying to make a real difference in this world.  As a spiritualist, I feel by helping others it raises our consciences and vibration.   1,210 more words


If you know how to do nothing, then you already know how to do ANYTHING

Are you good at sitting and doing nothing? Then it is already easy for you to get up & do something that can benefit you. 57 more words


To My Wayward Children

Fiercely agnostic in my twenties,
Haunted by dreams of abduction
By conservative Christians,
I’d pretend to play along
Whilst planning my escape.
They could not brainwash me! 161 more words