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Understanding Crystal, Rainbow, and Indigo Children

Are you aware of the new paradigm and the new energies that are now embracing our home planet? Did you know that our kids are different, that new kids are coming on Earth to help us and our envinroment to shift? 1,000 more words

Noua Paradigmă

"Indigo" as a label

I thought I might write about my view on labelling, because I am about to start a blog about ‘Indigo’ people. “Indigo” is definitely a kind of label. 97 more words

Adult Indigo

I is for INSOMNIA, ISOLATION and the INDIGO child

Day NINE: April A-Z Blogging Challenge 2015 : Mental Health Awareness — layers and nuances

Insomnia and Isolation:

A good night’s sleep is one of life’s primary requirements, something often taken for granted. 1,248 more words


Peter Pan by proxy

I belong to a broad generation known as the “baby boomers”. I’m a bit nearer the tail end of it, being born in the late 50s, but I’m definitely in there. 615 more words


The Danger of Possessive Pronouns

I noticed something the other day that got me to thinking about how many things change when a relationship ends, particularly how the language we use changes and what that might mean. 731 more words

Crystal Children

New Age

New age movement and meditation skills
The new age movement is not as new as the name suggests, and has been around for a number of years. 534 more words


I am a believer in the ability to see the future, prophecy, psychic abilities of all kinds, telekinetic, telepathic, touch seers. I have known people of all abilities, and have seen spirits from a young age myself. 769 more words