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Klamath Basin: An Introduction to the Conflict

Acton_Klamath Basin Water Conflict- An Introductory Conflict Assessment

One of the most contested watersheds in the nation, the Klamath Basin has been in a state of conflict over water use since the early 1900s.  123 more words

A Cross-Cultural Study of the Klamath Basin using the Native Mediation Medicine Wheel Model

Acton_The Klamath Basin Conflict- A Cross-Cultural Case Study

For my cross-cultural dynamics course, I assessed the Klamath Basin conflict from a cultural perspective. The paper is organized with a Native American mediation approach that follows the four directions. 143 more words

Tell Me Again About Your Revolution

Erica Lee came to speak at the University of Oregon at the 3rd annual Climate Change and Indigenous People’s conference. At the time I was blown away by her poem, and after finding it again today I was equally impressed and impassioned by her words.


Negotiating Water

Acton_Negotiating Water Annotated Bibliography

I’ve always been drawn to environmental and natural resource issues, but over the course of my life I have been increasingly and serendipitously pushed towards water issues. 422 more words

Are Mining Interests Behind Western Australian Remote Aboriginal Community Closures?

Paul Gregoire | Vice

Yesterday, 18,000 people turned out at rallies across Australia in protest of the Western Australian government’s proposal to close up to 150 remote Aboriginal communities. 1,067 more words

Human Rights

Fighting Forced Closures of Indigenous Australian Communities

Indigenous Australian community organizer Jodie Bell speaks about the Western Australian government’s threat to shut down remote Indigenous communities.

First the health clinic was shut down. 1,343 more words