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Ideas that add up #173

Only later did it occur to me that they may have meant something entirely different when they called me Elephant. They had never seen a circus; they would not know elephants that did tricks. 857 more words

Good Life

it was autumn

it was in autumn that i….drawn like a wind

of dream…began a journey….a solitary voice

in search of a darkened refuge….another distance



berlin 1987

©1987 lance henson


Can white people use the term "Two Spirit"?

Q: I’m a white gender non-conforming person and I feel like the term two spirit is the best to describe myself. A friend said that using the term was cultural appropriation but it is the best word to describe my gender and spirituality and I use it with utmost respect for indigenous and first nations people. 947 more words


Last Days of Overlanding - Onward to Cape Town

It was hard to believe but the 56 day coast to coast overland adventure I’d embarked on in Nairobi was coming to a close.  We had three more days on the road after Swakopmund before we’d arrive in Cape Town and I’d start my independent travel in South Africa. 1,527 more words


West Papua| Video Testimony of Paniai Massacre

Indonesia is currently serving its fourth consecutive term as a member of the UN’s Human Rights Council yet inside its borders full scale offensive to wipe out  West Papuans continues as the world feigns ignorance. 329 more words

ASEAN Affairs

Wikipedia Poem, No. 82

“…good meals damage their figures, wine spoils their complexions, smiling too much gives you wrinkles, the sun hurts the skin, rest makes you lethargic, work wears you out, love gives you circles under your eyes, kisses make your cheeks red, caresses deform your breasts, embraces shrivel the flesh, pregnancies disfigure your face and body…” … 132 more words


Wikipedia Poem, No. 81

“Heroism and poetry are modes of seduction: but in letting herself be seduced, the woman exalts heroism and poetry.” Simone de Beauvoir

west changes, include 
    trees important sea gulls, guanacos, 
Navarino many fishers,
supplying erosion expansion 
         of tundra the Aleutian 
seis, sought
     Grande only a few 
Genocided between Chilean 
       Catholic missions in that region
    sheep fault
 and Tierra del Fuego, Popper, 
led trees important sea gulls, guanacos, Navarino 
Island Río 
Granded by Brities
in 1520. 117 more words