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Black Mesa

Confession time!

Never played Half-life 1 or 2. Ever. Although I did get Half-life 2 recently this year…..haven’t played it yet though. I feel like I am a terrible person… 988 more words


The Tell-Tale Heart

Admittedly, I would find it near impossible to adapt a short story into a video game, there’s a lot about a book that is difficult to convey through a game, and while it is possible, it’s far beyond my knowledge of game design. 422 more words


All playable, all fun

Been fine tuning the game and sprucing up the menus, it’s looking good.

Character select also includes prefab animated characters

Fighting and win states have also been improved. 25 more words

Student Game

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Looks pretty cool, wish ya luck with the game!

Summer Camp

Hey everybody! I wanted everyone in the Tricities area to know that summer camp for kids in the area will be provided in the area for those interested in computers and digital media. 96 more words


What to expect from: Solar Crusaders

Solar Crusaders is going to be a top down multiplayer strategy game with deep space exploration with many star systems to explore populated with both players and NPCS alike. 209 more words


Voices from the Sea [Game Review]

Beaten: 04.13.2015
Rating: N/A (but worth playing!)

I know that things like visual novels (things like dating simulations and such) are extremely popular, and I have been guilty of playing my fair share of them. 826 more words


Shovel Knight Review

I wish I could insert the sound effect that goes along with this pose.

Shovel Knight is, simply put, an entertaining breath of nostalgic air. Imagine, if you can, an 8-bit retro game inspired by the likes of some of our favorite NES platformers; Megaman and Super Mario Bros. 738 more words

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