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Achievement Unlocked! "Fix it, Fix it, Fix it!"

With the amount of revisions and backburning this poor visual novel project has been getting since day 1 (it doesn’t even have a title still yikes!), I’m so glad that this game barely has the hype for me to get heckled and shanked over with all these changes. 544 more words

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Transcend Demo Out Now

This weekend marked a milestone in development for Transcend, we got a demo up and running on Google Play Store.  You need a either a… 299 more words

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A Gigantic PAX East Game

It was no secret that there was an apparent absence of many large triple-A titles at PAX East 2015. However, this shifted the spotlight on the medium and smaller sized games, allowing them to flourish. 419 more words

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Review: Little Inferno

Little Inferno launched alongside the Wii U, but I only picked it up recently in a sale – and what a fantastic little game it is. 281 more words

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MGSA CT MAR 2015 Meet

This past week I have the pleasure of attending another MGSA meetup. After announcing the meetup, the community received the sad news that we’d need to find a new home, with our old venue of City Varsity no longer available to us. 876 more words

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Who has Time for Games Anymore?

I realized that the hardest part of growing up is the loss of time. I recently got this big corporate job, well more-so an internship. It’s full time and it pays well, so it’s basically a job. 827 more words

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The Making of LifeSpark - Designer Boka Agboje

Designer on LifeSpark Arena – Boka Agboje

The making of LifeSpark is meant to highlight the team working hard to make this game every day, and get to know about their back story, development practices, interests, and hobbies. 469 more words