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Overrwyrld - A Puzzle Adventure

I’m really excited to announce the release of Overrwyrld; a top-down puzzle adventure game inspired by the original Legend of Zelda, Adventure, and an indie game that I love called… 280 more words

Video Games

SFA 2 Players 2 Buttons Jam!

Super Friendship Arcade, South Africa’s favourite alternative video game party, is gearing up for another night of smashed pixel and melted minds! Join us in preparing for our next night by jamming with us on Saturday the 11th of July! 221 more words

Game Dev

Early Access: 7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is an open world survival crafting game where you must always be on the move to prevent your untimely death, collect, scavenge, Build,Kill, Survive. 623 more words


5 Indie games I like the look of (Xbox One from E3 2015)

1. Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows

2. Guns, Gore and Cannoli

3. The Deer God

4. Steredenn

5. Wulverblade

Tonight You Die - An Unnerving Brutalist Cityscape Explorer

Tonight You Die – An Unnerving Brutalist Cityscape Explorer

You’re dropped of in a bleak, desolate wasteland of a brutalist city. The only signs of human existence are the lamp posts that slightly illuminate your environment and the sounds of your own echoing footsteps. 170 more words


Go pills or no pills

Female soldiers under prolonged isolation

One small but important piece fell into place recently. Not a fundamental part of the story (it’s pretty much written) but a detail that will not-so-subtly influence everything else. 612 more words


I found this Squirrel eat Squirrel game on my raspberry pi so I modified it to make it difficult and considerable more stupid. Also sound effects but video didn’t pick them up. 49 more words