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Feb's Monthly Blog Report -- Some BB Action :)

For the end of each month, we’re going to do a report on how our blog, social media, and website are doing, in order to both show our progress in getting the word our there, as well as show just how human we are. 697 more words

Game Design

Level 1 - "Mediterranean Landscape"

Here is some progress on this level (we’ll call it “Level 1″ for now since we don’t have a name for it quite yet). Here I’m just testing out some textures and lighting. 49 more words

Game Design

Meet The Crew!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thanks for checking in with us. Here’s our next interview with Animator Kenny Korb, as we talk games, adventure,life, and of course, smooches: 487 more words

Game Updates

Dean Razavi on VIDAR Stretch Goals: "Things which enhance the game - experiences and not content"

As you may already know, I was lucky enough to catch an interview with Dean Razavi of Vidar, on behalf of kick-ass video gaming site, … 496 more words

Gaming RRR

Get Ready!!!

First the new logo. Then the new game. Later on today, the premiere. Now, a new business card. To those showing up to The Hudson Arcade, I look forward to meeting you all tonight.

“Get Ready!!!”

Eternal Jupiter

Never Alone

I’ve been meaning to play Never Alone for a while now. I had it saved on Steam, and I’m not a Steam user, nor am I a PC Gamer, to be honest. 1,042 more words

Video Games

XP, Coins, Stat Tracking!

With Devlog 74, we come to you with another thing that we probably could’ve done ages ago. Finally, the right side of the results screen looks complete! 430 more words

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