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Making Games "Feel" Better

I came across a fantastic video of a presentation by Jan Willem Nijman – a co-founder of the game development company Vlambeer, who produced Super Crate Box (which admittedly I had never heard of until seeing the video), and a number of other games. 829 more words

Game Development

Axiom Verge Review

Axiom Verge is, at its core, an homage to Super Metroid and the Metroidvania genre.  Visually it fees like you are playing Super Metroid.  At first.  255 more words

Axiom Verge

Dutch Students Produce Prehistoric Puzzler

Oskar Moleman is the team lead at Grotman Games. I spoke to him briefly about his inspirations and hopes for his upcoming game.

Oskar Moleman and his team of fellow students at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht are working on a new puzzle game that puts the player in the role of a robot sent back in time to investigate the development of language in the Stone Age. 885 more words

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Steeped in Blood: Perpetrating Violence in Hotline Miami 2

Editor’s Note: The following reflection is by our writer, designer, and project manager @AGunsauley

I started to think I might not be a good person around the hundredth time that I cut a stranger’s stomach open with a chainsaw. 1,815 more words

Affordable Space Adventures Review - GamePad of Excellency

The Nintendo eShop is home to many different titles; some less-than-stellar overall, while others shine through the plethora of games made available. It is also home to some fantastic console exclusives, like… 1,935 more words


Meet The Crew! Kenny Talks Animation Programs and Style.

Hey everyone! For today’s MTC we’ll be sharing two short questions with Kenny. Here we go!

  1. What programs do you use?

         I prefer Flash’s library system to anything else I’ve tried.

  2. 160 more words
Game Updates

Gamescroller reviews…Pig Grinder by Pixal.Inc

Hello fellow gamers and welcome to another installment of Gamescroller reviews!

Name:Pig Grinder

Developer and/or Publisher: Pixal.Inc

Platforms: Google Play, Apple App Store and… 539 more words