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Game Review: "An Octave Higher"

I want to share with you an unexpectedly profound novel I read recently. Or was it a novel I’ve watched recently? Or played recently? It’s a… 1,216 more words

Crypt of the NecroDancer Review

Playing Crypt of the NecroDancer is probably the most fun I’ve had not getting past the first level. Developer Brace Yourself Games has created a game which combines genres you probably would never have thought worked well together. 147 more words


Battle Backgrounds

These are a few of the first images that I’ve created for Journey Mountain. I’ve decided that the artistic look I’m going for in this game is realistic, but slightly mystical and dreamlike as well. 52 more words


Indie Review: Journey of a Special Average Balloon

Journey of a Special Average Balloon is a game that kind of caught my attention when I saw its trailer. It seemed to have a good single player campaign and the multiplayer looked fun! 1,076 more words


Editorial: Galagan's Island Soundtrack Questions

Final Fantasy music segment not ripped-off, exactly

Still not okay to appear in this game

Note: The original review of Galagan’s Island can be found… 1,700 more words


Squid God Assault Squad Testing!

It’s time for testing!  Click this link right HERE for the current Alpha pack (PC only for now).  Give it a try, leave us some feedback and we’ll appreciate the heck out of you. 20 more words

Indie Review: Turtle Tale

Turtle Tale is a game about a cute turtle who chases pirates after they invaded Turtle Island in a fun side-scrolling adventure! The player plays as a turtle who carries a water gun as his weapon. 871 more words