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Doofy Plays Death Dice Overdose

Watch me eat some popping pills as I stay with the dancing trees!

Watch it right here!


Cain Aeron

“ This madness, this obsession – it gnaws me, craves me, and I desire it.”

Without a doubt, Cain is the most dangerous person within the Hunters.  43 more words


Doofy Plays: Little Inferno

The videos for Little Inferno went up today! Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed playing!

Check them out here!


A game that begins with a casual and relaxed burning experience, but shifts into a much deeper and more rigid tale about the dangers and cons of procrastination through the form of measly “entertainment”.  635 more words


An Update on Operation: Suicide

I’ve had a lot of time to kill this summer and therefore I’ve made a lot of progress on the secondary project, Operation: Suicide. With the primary project beginning to develop a tone and the secondary project nearing completion, I’m beginning to see how astoundingly different they are to each other. 157 more words

Beyond Black Space: Valkyrie - First impressions

Beyond Black Space is amazingly underrated. Presentation alone beats other kickstarters by miles. Whoever made that video in the beginning is a great editor for both sound and video. 728 more words


Fez - The video game

This is a cute little indie game by Polytron Corporation. It’s a download-only game available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS. 674 more words