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I don’t know that Easy is a romantic comedy so much as a romantic drama that mostly keeps things light and breezy. There are potentially important topics and emotions in play, but the film avoids ever getting very dark or challenging. 914 more words



Flashback Friday has us asking: Why-oh-why don’t people make movies like this any more?! Say hello to 1987’s Bagdad Cafe (dir. Percy Adlon; writers… 215 more words

Artistic Freedom Ltd.

The Drift Movie Comic - Part Three.

Click here if you’ve missed Part One and Part Two.

Lets delve into the world of The Drift.

Let us know what you think. We’re keen to get feedback on it. 19 more words


Being kneed in the nuts by The Guardian: film criticism from across the divide

Our feature film High Tide has been on release in cinemas for nearly a month now and we’ve been delighted by audiences’ responses to it. As explored in previous posts it is a profoundly terrifying process when you expose your work to the eyes of strangers; you spend years gestating a project, loving it, nurturing it, meeting its every need like a doting parent or soppy pet-owner and become increasingly flustered as the time necessarily approaches when your pride and joy, your vessel for all that affection and heed, must leave your care and confront its fate in the murky world of other people’s opinions. 1,446 more words

Long Arm Films

New Zeland Film Critic "Scratchy" Pete Ellott Reviews "Blood On The Reel" Teaser

BLOOD ON THE REEL – A Johnny Daggers Film.

Reviewed by Pete “Scratchy” Ellott

Privileged to have seen the first 9 minutes of the film and thought it was going to be a “rough draft”… 123 more words


#New "Hood" Series by Wright Brothers, Inc and Icarus Brand Films @kinggeorge427

In this New Haven, CT urban based crime drama Chalice “HOOD” Pruitt struggles to put his life back together after serving eight years of a twelve year sentence for his role in the murder of Dyane Clark wanting nothing more than to have a relationship with a daughter he has never met. 21 more words

George Yung

Indie Horror: "3 Dead Girls!" (2007)

3 DEAD GIRLS! (2007) is a compilation of three horror shorts that were written and directed by Christopher Alan Broadstone of Black Cab Productions between 1999 and 2004. 1,394 more words