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Carrot mug cake – Microwave (Eggless)


If your cake is a healthy, guilt-free on top made in microwave mug. Healthy mug cake recipes that you can whip up in minutes – AND still stay on track with your diet and lifestyle. 245 more words


Curried Chicken Sandwiches

I’m always a little wary going through a drive through or a sit down restaurant and ordering a sandwich. Why? Because I know that unless I’m able to be standing right there and watching them make my food, there’s a pretty good chance that someone working there is going to get my order wrong. 780 more words

Comfort Food

Love for Pastels!- Look 2

So soft, romantic and ethereal, cupcake inspired pastel colors are the obsession of all girlish girls, who want to spice up their looks with some innocent and romantic vibe, breaking the monotony and diminishing all the blues. 254 more words

Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhanwala)


80 grams of cooked tandoori chicken

7/8 Cardamom pods

1 kilo red tomatoes

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1 tbsp oil

5 tbsp butter

1 tbsp julienne cut ginger… 181 more words

Butter Chicken

For first time TRAVELLING to INDIA want to know this.

Chaotic, bamboozling, intoxicating, crazy, exasperating, squalid, daunting, overwhelming. India is all these things, and more. How can you possibly prepare yourself? 475 more words

Travel Tips

Exhibition #2

And it’s back! The summer exhibition of jewellery and clothes by Bamby Singh.

Join us on March 28th and 29th at 16 friends colony west, New Delhi from 11am to 7pm!🌟 12 more words


Hello world!

My first post. Yesss, it feels good !!!

Finally I have decided that I will start writing about anything and everything I feel about the world. 136 more words