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梵文《瑜伽經》— Sri Patanjala Yoga Darsanam

整理舊筆記時,這2本薄薄的本子再現眼前,是那年到Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute給自己的小小紀念品:

梵文和英語音譯《瑜伽經》— Sri Patanjala Yoga Darsanam




Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute India 學習筆記

Raimon Panikkar

Raimundo Panikkar writes “Time is an abstraction which does not exist” in one of his essays on Time. This insight was not only helpful but also propelled my exploration of time’s nature through various other perspectives. 246 more words

Indian System

Indian Philosophy

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Indian Philosophy

The Geeta and The Evolution

The Geeta and The Evolution

Arun Maji

Copyright: Arun Maji


I have extreme respect for all books on religion and religious philosophy.  Like many, I tend to believe- those books were written by very great minds of past (rather  than the great God himself,  paraphrasing- they were written by son of God). 472 more words


Kundalini Yoga

(1) Only joined with Power has the God power to rule, otherwise He cannot even quiver-and so You are worthy of adoration by Hari, Hara, Virinci, and all the rest, and so how dare I who’ve done nothing meritorious reverence and praise You? 123 more words

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"Fifteen Verses of Wisdom"

1. The brilliance of the One Being’s light does not vanish in external light or in darkness because all light and darkness resides in the supreme light of God Consciousness. 635 more words

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Gaudapada's Karika (trans. Swami Nikhilananda)

1 Visva is all—pervading, the experiencer of external objects. Taijasa is the cognizer of internal objects. Prajna is a mass of consciousness. It is one alone that is thus known in the three states. 1,079 more words

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