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Its an Indian philosophical term meaning
“mental impression, recollection, psychological imprint”.

Simply put: Think of your car’s windshield.
As you drive, a bug hits it, but your wipers arent working. 181 more words

Don't Follow Me. I'm Lost.

So says U.G. Krishnamurti.

Totally. Don’t follow me too. I’m lost as well, so says me.

Defies Categorization!

梵文《瑜伽經》— Sri Patanjala Yoga Darsanam

整理舊筆記時,這2本薄薄的本子再現眼前,是那年到Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute給自己的小小紀念品:

梵文和英語音譯《瑜伽經》— Sri Patanjala Yoga Darsanam




Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute India 學習筆記

Raimon Panikkar

Raimundo Panikkar writes “Time is an abstraction which does not exist” in one of his essays on Time. This insight was not only helpful but also propelled my exploration of time’s nature through various other perspectives. 246 more words

Indian System

Thoughts create reality - a Hindu mythology story

The Hindu heaven has certain trees, which they call kalpavriksha, wish-fulfillment trees.

You don’t have to order a cup of tea or a woman or a car; you don’t have to order anybody; you don’t have to call any bearer or give a call to some agency. 400 more words


Miracle of Trust - a story

In Tibet, there is a beautiful story about Marpa. It may not be factual, but it is tremendously significant.
I don’t care much about facts. 581 more words