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"I thought it would indeed be wonderful to live with my in-laws."

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I really wanted to bring up an issue I have been facing since a few months as a topic/post on your so that I get some tips/perspectives on how to handle this messed up situation. 1,477 more words

Indian Homemaker

The Groom pleaded with the Bride, telling her that he would not be able to face friends and neighbours if he returned without her.

While we oppose anything that could make it possible for women and men to choose their own partners (since it is against Indian culture) we seem less intolerant to outright lies, withholding of information and demands for money, during matrimonial ‘negotiations’. 334 more words

Indian Homemaker

Arvind Kejriwal and Shahrukh Khan - what do they have in common?

In a society where even film stars do not hug their wives in public (not even a Shahrukh Khan), and where socially and legally [ 253 more words

Indian Homemaker

If our love for our people and our country needs being 'proud of them' then, here's what we should be proud of.

Delhi elections restored my faith in the Indian electorate and the Indian Democracy. Indian voter, it seems, has not forgotten their power and their right to choose how most of them want to be governed. 402 more words

Indian Homemaker

Wrong, for the right reasons by Ritu Lalit

Have you read this very readable book about a young woman who couldn’t live with a cheating spouse and decided to go back to her parents’ home? 234 more words

Indian Homemaker