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Please watch 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' :)

The movie passes Bechdel Test with flying colours. The Kanpur accent and Kangana Ranaut’s Haryana accent, the music, the story, the way it ends, and everything else about the movie are absolutely delightful. 370 more words

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"Practically, what can an introvert DIL do to communicate that she means no disrespect by wanting her own time?"

Patriarchy can’t survive without hierarchy and rigid but complex rules that ensure everybody knows their place. So Indian daughters in law in traditional and patriarchal families may not give their opinion but they are expected to be gregarious extroverts in some situations.  1,820 more words

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Some assertive ways to deal with manipulation.

A Guest Post by BB-Dlite


I am a long-time reader of IHM. I am really grateful that such a site exists – it has really helped make sense of a lot of strange things that go on in the name of Indian culture, stuff that is taboo to actually talk about openly. 1,798 more words

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Piku in Patriarchy.

Another unexpected surprise. I guess with more and more Indian women watching movies, we are going to see more movies that acknowledge women as people. First Laila in ‘Margarita with a Straw’, and now Piku. 774 more words

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Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface

I am a solution orientated person. Last month I diverted my attention away from protesting the changes being made to the new WordPress.COM user interface, and focused on locating the ways and means of accessing the legacy or classic pages for creating posts, editing posts, and viewing stats. 838 more words

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If you have a Wordpress blog and are facing the same difficulty I am, using the new beep beep boop editor, this might help. This morning I could not find the link to access the Classic Editor, after attempting (once again) to get used to the new beep beep boop editor, I searched and found this post. It shows how we can access the classic pages for creating posts, editing posts and viewing stats. Best wishes. Related Posts: Moving from Blogger to WordPress? This Blog is on WordPress Homepage :) What is it that you would never blog about? Trying to understand a blogger’s legal rights and responsibilities. Updated to add: The Editor opens in Beep Beep Boop  and there seems to be no option in the new editor to change these links to normal size :( Now I need to navigate to the Classic Editor to fix this. :( Update 2 - So finally I had to use the HTML link - took time and effort. I am sure there are easier ways of doing this - suggestions welcome!