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Lazy Bones

Time’s up!  A final hour left before the taxi grinds through the early evening Calcutta traffic to drop us at the airport.  There’s still a lot to say about this country and with so little sand left in the hourglass now is not the best time.   483 more words

A night at Jaipur's Chokhi Dhani

If you have time and a spare 800 rupees for an evening then you should make a trip to Chokhi Dhani, a 5 star resort in Jaipur, for an evening full of fun and entertaining Rajasthani culture. 387 more words



It’s been a long sweet day. We moved into our new place and found a jumping black spider.

Tom tried to move him outside but alas he was too quick….to be continued… 361 more words


It All Starts From Eve Teasing

Being in a family surrounded by women I have always respected them. A woman has always helped me as a mother, sister, wife and a daughter. 375 more words

Delhi Gang Rape

The Forbidden Word

We’re fifteen years into the 21st century right now. Our country is a steady horse in the race towards development, and yet we’re down to a crawl if our mindset is taken into account. 510 more words

Indian Culture

Guess what! I'm a girl!

I think I became aware of my gender the moment I discovered that there are, in fact two types of genders in the homo sapien species.Moreover, these two had different physical attributes.Now, how shocking is that? 445 more words

Indian Culture

How to wear a Saree

A saree is a traditional female garment worn mostly in the southern part of Asia that basically consists of yardage, between 5 and 9 yards in length usually,  that is wrapped around the waist and draped across one shoulder. 195 more words