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3 things I like and dislike about India

(brace yourselves; this is going to be a looong one)

“What did you like and dislike about India?”

This is a question a former German class student of mine asked me many months ago while I was still back in Germany. 2,434 more words


Answers to Culture Test 1

Dear All,

Apologies for the delay, had been busy traveling.

Q No 1: Ans d


The Neolithic cultures are largely defined in terms of transition from hunting and food gathering to herding and food producing subsistence economy with a sedentary way of life. 1,597 more words

Indian Culture

The Notable Man of Indian religious Epic “Shravan Kumar”

Shravan Kumar was a popular character of the Indian mythological story Ramayana. Ramayana is a very religious story in Hindu culture. Here in this story the life history of Lord “Rama” (one of the avatar of Lord Vishnu) was described. 303 more words


Karna (2)

(basically, Arjun and his four brothers were born after Karna to another father (kunti is the mum), Karna was an accident with a boon Kunti was given  – she could repeat a mantra and a child will be born to her by the sun god, Surya. 338 more words



Forgive me, mother, though too ashamed

To sit by a son’s side, fallen and maimed

By kin, although my slayer does not know

The blood of a mother that between us flows. 174 more words


Marry not merry enough

Long hair, succulent lips,
ample bosom, curvy hips,
pretty dresses, painted nails.
Now he knows that you prevail.

These age old stereotypes,
They ain’t my type. 106 more words


The Fiesty San Jao Festival of Goa

Reposting an earlier article about the San Jao Festival held every year on June 24th.

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The Fiesty San Jao Festival of Goa


June 2015

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